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Biometrics Institute names Ideco director as head of Technology Innovation Expert Group

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The Biometrics Institute has named Ideco Biometric Security Solutions director Francois Vermeulen as the new head of the organization’s Technology Innovation Expert Group (TIEG).

The group focuses on providing accurate and unbiased technical information, training and education to the organization’s board and members.

TIEG is currently developing a best practice guide to designed to help the market with the responsible use, selection and implementation of biometrics systems.

“The Biometrics Institute is playing a key role with regards to responsible use and implementation of biometrics,” said Vermeulen. “I believe that we need to assist the market in harmonising biometric enrollment processes where possible, and to stop the continual re-enrollment of the same biometric with numerous entities. Continual awareness around biometric image quality standards is essential in today’s environment. Especially with the introduction of new modalities, educating the market in standards becomes essential.”

There are several modalities still in their infancy, and as such, any misuse and wrong implementation can have a harmful impact on the specific biometric used as well as to the biometric industry as a whole.

Vermeulen says the market is working towards the enrollment and utilization of multiple modalities for the purpose of verification, identification and establishment of foundational registries, providing “additional security” as well as “cater for cases where some biometrics may not be present for a person.”

Additionally, governments now require equipment that caters to the generation of foundational registers containing multiple biometric modalities, leading to innovation in enrolment equipment.

Current multimodal mobile enrolment equipment can handle up to six biometric modalities in one device, enabling governments to create these foundational registries and to provide services to the authorized individual at the correct time.

“With all the additional biometric modalities being captured by different entities, it is essential to ensure that these entities use capture devices that comply with international image quality standards and that they manage the captured biometrics in a secure and responsible manner,” Vermeulen said.

Earlier this year, the Biometrics Institute launched its revamped annual industry survey, aimed at providing individuals within the industry an opportunity to give their feedback on priority themes and areas.

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