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Green Bit showcasing new faster, smaller products at ID4Africa

Green Bit showcasing new faster, smaller products at ID4Africa

Green Bit is demonstrating several new live scan readers for law enforcement and civil ID applications at ID4Africa this week in Abuja, Nigeria.

The DactyScan84t builds on the DactyScan84c, providing USB 3.0 technology for faster acquisition speed and a smaller form factor, as well as optional reliable anti-spoof and anti-fake software.

The company’s new MiScan50 is a mobile 4-4-2 TFT fingerprint scanner, and the forerunner of a new family of MiScan products. The FAP 50 certifiable scanner includes a 3.2 by 2-inch capture surface, and is only 15.5mm thick, according to the announcement, to meet requirements for mobile and low-power applications.

4-4-2 scanners are the most appropriate devices for most registration applications in the African market, Green Bit Chief Operating Officer Sergio Rainero told Biometric Update in an interview from ID4Africa’s exhibit hall.

“Since we started the company 20 years ago, we have been pushing optical fingerprint technology to its limits, by making the sensors smaller and faster while maintaining high image quality,” Rainero comments in the announcement.

“The market approached us with the significant challenge of developing a much smaller mobile scanner and as always, we are listening to our partners and responding to their requirements,” he continued. “We are excited to display the MiScan50 together with Dactyscan84t and MultiScan527t family at ID4AFRICA April 24th-26th 2018.”

Two palm scanners from the MultiScan527t family, each featuring fast acquisition, USB 3.0, and an integrated heater based on proprietary technology, all in a smaller form factor, are on display. The prism is heated from inside the glass, Rainero says, with technology similar to that used in some televisions. The MultiScan527t includes a large, full-color 3.2-inch LCD touchscreen, while the MultiScan527xt comes equipped with a simplified interface consisting of buttons and an LED display. The heating feature keeps the optical sensor’s prism at the optimal temperature for very dry fingers in low temperature environments. The new MultiScan527t devices are also certified compliant with FBI Appendix F as well as Appendix P for major law enforcement cases, according to Rainero.

“Cold scanner surfaces can affect scan results with even moderately low temperatures,” Rainero told Biometric Update. “The combination of very dry fingers and cold surfaces is the worst combination of circumstances the industry has to face, and the MultiScan527t mitigates that issue.”

The DactyScan84t and MultiScan527t product families are expected to reach full commercial availability in Q2 2018.

Green Bit recently reported a surge in interest from the market following its strong showing at the IARPA N2N fingerprint challenge.

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