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Neurotechnology directional speaker could integrate with biometrics for personalized messages


Neurotechnology has launch of a new parametric array speaker to deliver directional sound in a narrow beam, according to a company announcement.

The Focusonics Model A is intended for environments where sound needs to be localized in a certain area while quiet is maintained nearby, such as retail showrooms, galleries, and trade shows, as well as targeted public address and warning systems. The speaker can also produce “virtual source” effects by bouncing the sound beam off of surfaces like an LCD display. This allows displays and other objects to be the apparent source of the audio for advertising or presentation purposes, Neurotechnology says. The speaker is based on patent-pending ultrasonic transducer technology.

“The Focusonics speaker generates ultrasonic waves that are modulated with an audio signal,” said Dr. Osvaldas Putkis, research engineer and project lead at Neurotechnology. “As the ultrasonic waves travel through air they de-modulate and sound can be heard, however the diffraction of ultrasonic waves is much smaller than audio frequency waves, so the sound coming from the Focusonics speaker is constrained to a narrow beam. To the listener, it feels as if the sound is generated in the air just in front of you, creating a feeling of immersion and surround sound.”

Neurotechnology can provide custom solutions to integrate the Focusonics speaker with facial biometrics and other computer vision systems for applications such as personalized advertising, direction services, or automated warning systems.

Personalized advertising is among several potential applications of biometrics in retail environments that are generating significant interest, though Goode Intelligence Founder and Managing Director Alan Goode told Biometric Update in an examination of the topic that most retail projects in Europe use smartphone-based biometrics to make is easier to comply with GDPR.

Neurotechnology recently announced the addition of palm print recognition to its MegaMatcher SDK.

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