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Yoti adds encryption partners for distributed government services and email security products


Yoti has announced a pair of partnerships to provide solutions combining its biometric technology with encryption systems, integrating its biometric facial recognition capabilities with blockchain technology from LedgerState and Galaxkey’s data protection platform.

LedgerState and Yoti have created a new digital identity solution to enable secure and efficient government service delivery, which they showcased at the Concordia Summit at the UN General Assembly in New York. Yoti provides biometric identity and its Doc Scan document verification technology, while LedgerState’s blockchain framework provides governments with a way to safeguard citizen data, use less resources, and avoid reliance on centralized data centers. This architecture could be particularly beneficial for countries in the Global South, the companies say in an announcement.

Yoti says its APIs provide new and secure ways for individuals and organizations to interact, and that it is striving to assist humanitarian organizations with their identity needs.

“Now there are finally tools and systems available for governments to grant a higher level of Sovereignty to their citizens,” says LedgerState Founder Nino Vang Vojvodic. “Early implementers will gain significant advantage when it comes to attracting the best talent and people to their citizenship or residency.”

The two companies showcased the initial fruits of their partnership at last year’s World Economic Forum, and say that the new integration is a continuation of that effort.

Through the partnership with Galaxkey, email recipients can verify the identity of the sender and protect data both in transit and at rest, according to a separate announcement. Yoti says that receiving secure emails with KYC is a major step in email security, and could eliminate phishing emails if implemented across the board.

A Yoti transaction is recorded when the user sends an email, and the email is encrypted with Galaxkey’s government and bank-grade encryption processes, using the transaction as an encryption component. The email is then sent to the recipient with a Yoti stamp, and can be easily verified, the company says.

Yoti’s identity verification technology has also been adopted by Student Nannies, a UK platform for connecting students providing child care services with parents who need those services.

“It’s a service created for working parents by working parents, in a bid to make the juggle between being a parent and having a career just a little bit less of a struggle,” Student Nannies Founder and CEO Tracey Blake says in a Yoti blog post.

Prospective nannies have their identity checked and verified by Yoti, before going through a background check and then an interview with a parent or teacher.

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