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Smart Engines’ AI document checking secures client ID for remote lending, insurance platform


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Microcredit lending company Macro, brand company of Moneza and part of Twino Group, has partnered with Smart Engines to integrate AI-based ID recognition systems in the Moneza app to automate onboarding and customer identification, the company announced.

“We are interested in making our application as independent from the operators and environmental conditions as possible. We go completely online, we save the time of our customers, and we make the lending process quick, easy and secure,” said Ashot Torosyan, CEO at Twino, in a prepared statement. “We want our service to be modern, technological, innovative and be second to none in terms of world standards of user experience. In this regard, the high-level developments of Russian scientists allow us to improve the quality and convenience of our application.”

The technology developed by Smart Engines delivers seamless user registration and client verification to optimize and secure remote identification, the company says. It uses the image in the passport to confirm personal information and can successfully detect and prevent fraud, including fake or forged documents. Smart Engines processes personal data securely and prevent image leak due to the automated recognition in Moneza.

“When all the services which remain relevant even in times of isolation go completely online, such as financial services, insurance, healthcare services, it is very important that this transition does not affect the security of user data,” said Vladimir Arlazarov, Ph.D., CEO of Smart Engines, in the statement.

“Our company has always been prioritizing data security, so that those organizations, particularly financial institutions, that focus on service automation and remote servicing, get a software product that meets the strictest international regulations related to personal data security.”

Arlazarov recently explored the need to carefully architect identity recognition systems to avoid digital dictatorship in a Biometric Update guest post.

The Moneza online loan app recently received an award for popularity, technological effectiveness and quality service on the banki.ru portal.

Insurance market tapped with Ablera partnership

Smart Engines has also partnered with tech start-up Ablera to fully automate the client identification process in Ablera’s Serdica Suite platform for digital insurance businesses.

Serdica Suite leverages machine learning algorithms and advanced tech to deliver omnichannel customer services and AI accelerated Policy Management Library. Smart Engines’ intelligent document processing tech will automate the identification process on the platform. The system digitizes national ID cards, passports, driving licenses, and vehicle documents in any environment. AI technology analyzes the document in an image or video stream in real time to collect the required information. All is processed on the end-user’s device, without transferring unprotected data to remote servers or to a cloud.

“Streamline processing of sensitive user data is particularly important when it comes to services provided by insurance companies, banks and medical institutions. Our solution allows processing documents autonomously on the device, which minimizes the risks of data leaks,” said Vladimir Arlazarov, PhD, CEO of Smart Engines, in a prepared statement. “High level of security of the recognition process ensures compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act, the requirements on technical solutions it imposes are very strict.”

“We are aimed to provide a new generation solution that will allow the insurer’s clients to have their insurer in their mobile phones,” said Lilia Popova, Commercial Director at Ablera, in a prepared statement. “We are well aware of the insurance market and information technology trends, which allowed us to create a solution that takes the quality of service, delivered by insurance companies, to a completely new level, accelerating and improving the customer interaction process, providing tools for personalized offering and precise risk assessment.”

Ablera’s future plans include releasing the technology on the European market. The technology developed by Smart Engines improves the virtual assistant’s features with automated recognition of handwritten car accidents and damage assessment reports.

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