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Four new fever detection with facial recognition solutions launched for enterprise market

Four new fever detection with facial recognition solutions launched for enterprise market

Biometrics companies are moving to address the demand for thermal detection technologies as enterprises across the U.S. and elsewhere resume operation, with Oaro and Pivot announcing a new partnership, and new hardware released by Hyper Networks, In-Depth Camera, and InReality.

Pivot Technology Services Corp. has partnered with Oaro to bring advanced identity and access management with facial recognition, thermal imaging and blockchain to the edge.

Oaro Identity and Oaro Access, which recently added temperature screening, will be offered to Pivot’s business customers to manage secure restricted areas. Oaro Identity is an end-to-end authentication and authorization solution, and Oaro Access performs multiple security checks in less than two seconds as subjects approach an access point.

“Our early investment in edge computing enables us to provide advanced integrated thermal offerings along with turn-key management and support for customers who need to add capabilities to safely and securely re-open,” comments Pivot President and CEO Kevin Shank. “Our strategic focus on edge computing and the many solutions we enable there, along with our experience delivering full lifecycle services, positions us uniquely to seamlessly deliver and manage OARO IDENTITY and OARO ACCESS solutions for our customers.”

Oaro President and CEO Joel Leetzow notes high interest in the company’s thermal and access control solutions.

Smart kiosk from Hyper Networks

Hyper Networks has launched a smart kiosk with facial recognition and thermal detection to help businesses safely reopen, local NBC affiliate KSNV reports.

The Las Vegas-based company’s Health Sentry also provides mask detection and alerts employers of any failed checks, with the process taking about one second. Local casinos and at least one airline have expressed interest, according to KSNV.

Company President John Durant told the outlet the kiosk can also be used for trade shows and events.

Fever checks at scale from In-Depth Camera

New fever detection hardware from In-Depth Camera features biometric facial recognition that can scan up to 30 people per second, with real-time identification from a stored database of over 20,000 enrolled faces.

The company is launching the new offering to provide artificial intelligence and advanced scene analytics for preventing the spread of viruses like COVID-19. The system is also capable of detecting safe distancing between people.

In-Depth Camera recommends the turn-key system for fully automated non-contact processes in airports, hospitals, police departments, schools, businesses, and large public gatherings.

“The current health crisis posed by COVID-19 has prompted an increasing number of businesses and organizations to look at ways to improve their health security strategies,” says In-Depth Camera founding team member Michael Mansouri. “In an effort to meet the demand, we have refined our products and services with the expansion of real-time preventative and guidance tools.”

Analytics and occupancy monitoring from InReality

InReality has launched a Thermal Mirror turnkey fever screening solution with optional facial recognition for the enterprise market. Other features include a real-time occupancy monitor based on camera- or mobile device-based technology.

The new offering is part of a Safe Space Solutions suite, and provides an analytics platform to bring together data from disparate sources in simple metrics and KPIs, InReality Co-founder and CEO Ron Levac says.

“When COVID-19 hit, we looked around and found no readily-available solutions with features necessary for Enterprise-wide deployment and management, nor did they appear flexible to support yet unknown Legal, IT and HR requirements. We saw the potential of our platform to turn on these kinds of advanced features, and more,” he says in the announcement.

The system is flexible and customizable, according to InReality, and installation points can be managed and updated remotely.

The company is also developing InReality Pandemic Resiliency Temperature Monitoring Initiative as an addition to the Safe Space suite allowing governments and health officials to track public health data for fast tracking and trend analysis.

The past few weeks have seen a flurry of new product announcements combining facial recognition and thermal screening technologies.

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