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Universities deploy contactless biometric temperature scan systems from UnionCommunity and Telpo

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Universities deploy contactless biometric temperature scan systems from UnionCommunity and Telpo

Korea’s Chung-Ang University has announced a test of UnionCommunity’s non-contact biometric system combining facial recognition with body temperature detection as part of the institution’s regular Test of Practice in IT (TOPIT) evaluation.

The UBio-X Pro2, which was launched earlier this month to help various businesses and facilities safely reopen, will be installed at the Da Vinci SW (software) Education Center of Chung-Ang University for the test.

The TOPIT test evaluates the performance of software in real-world environments, such as public institutions, financial institutions and large companies with changed access control needs. The UBio-X Pro2 will be used to register the entry and exit of students at the test site to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and help ensure student safety. Individuals can apply for a contactless visit ahead of time, and be certified for entry the same day.

UnionCommunity’s facial biometrics leverages deep learning to authenticate a large number of people in a short period of time, operating at various angles and distances of up to two meters away, the company says. In the event that an elevated body temperature is detected with the system’s thermal imaging cameras, access can be denied.

“It is an opportunity to preemptively prepare for the post-corona era through the application of various untact systems,” states Yoon Kyung-Hyun, director of the SW Educational department. “It is more meaningful since two students from the software department at Chung-Ang University are participating in the team in charge of the UNIONCOMMUNITY, which developed the face recognition system, through the industry-academic cooperation in the SW-centered university project.”

University deploys Telpo kiosk for temperature checks

Shenzhen University is using Telpo’s temperature checking kiosk to support its pandemic containment measures, according to a company announcement.

Students returning to study must provide health information to obtain a ‘green’ health code and provide proof of movement for 14 days. Students must also swipe their student card and have their body temperature scanned three times each day.

The contactless self-service TPS980T kiosk from Telpo, which supports facial recognition, NFC communications and infrared thermal imaging, have been installed on campus by Shenzhen University. The kiosk is made with a temperature chip imported from Germany, which delivers response speeds of as little as one second to keep lines from building up and enable social distancing to be maintained.

The TPS980T also provides voice interaction, real-time temperature display, and communication through 4G, WiFi or Bluetooth.

Samsung integrates Creative Realities technology for new solution

Samsung has integrated the Thermal Mirror from Creative Realities, Inc. (CRI) for its new Thermal Temperature Solution to provide contactless real-time temperature scanning with facial recognition. The combination of Samsung’s Smart Signage technology and CRI’s Thermal Mirror enables key information to be displayed to bolster the confidence of customers and employees as people enter a place of business, according to the company announcement.

Thermal Mirror provides temperature measurement accurate to within 0.5 degrees Celsius (0.9 degrees Fahrenheit), and is integrated with Samsung 4K UHD Display with MagicINFO in the Thermal Temperature Solution. Businesses can use it to mount a secondary display to report compliance or health information. Facial recognition can be used to monitor access, log employee temperature and time of entry, and feed data to a centralized database for HR, legal or other controls.

“The Thermal Mirror has been widely embraced by businesses of all sorts as they adjust to newly implemented health guidelines to slow transmission of COVID-19. Case in point, Samsung itself chose to integrate our Thermal Mirror technology in its own corporate facilities,” says Rick Mills, chief executive officer of CRI. “Our collaboration with Samsung makes the solution particularly appealing to restaurants and other heavily trafficked businesses that want to demonstrate how committed they are to maintaining a healthy workplace.”

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