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EnableX.io rolls out biometric face analysis for better customer engagement

EnableX.io rolls out biometric face analysis for better customer engagement

Singapore-based cloud communications company EnableX.io has released a new biometrics-based face analysis and emotion recognition solution that it says takes business intelligence a step further.

Known as FaceAI, the solution is expected to increase the quality of live video communications between persons, leaving companies with a better judgment on how to engage their customers in more flexible ways thanks to an understanding of customers’ emotional states. Announcing the new product, EnableX.io said the new solution has the ability to read meaning into the cognitive and emotional states of persons.

A statement issued by EnableX.io said the solution is an advanced technology, and that during a live video call, it is possible to identify a person’s demographic features, including gender and age, facial features such as hair color, and emotions like anger, disgust, fear happiness, sadness, empathy, and surprise.

According to the company, EnableX FaceAI can either be used independently or merged with EnableX video call for applications such as identity verification for a bank customer. FaceAI is also said to be able to effectively measure facial expressions and emotions of all faces within a call in real-time in the case of large-scale video calls.

EnableX.io Chief Executive Pankaj Gupta said FaceAI is the kind of next generational communication solution intended to equip “partners and customers across industries and domains with AI-enabled communication APIs that facilitate intelligent data-driven conversations, helping them to stay ahead of the curve.”

“By adding FaceAI into our portfolio, we are not only helping people connect, but taking communication to the next level by creating meaningful and memorable customer journeys. Using Affective Computing technology, we will be able to recognize the emotional state and the context of every conversation, equipping organisations in a more contextual and accurate way,” the EnableX.io CEO added.

Founded in 2017, EnableX.io — a subsidiary of vCloudx — is a company that provides solutions for real-time video communications. It has a huge market in Asia-Pacific countries, and has been working to extend its products and solutions to companies and startups across the globe.

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