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Exadel, IDmission, OpenBCI release new biometrics solutions

For face recognition applications, mobile devices, and mixed reality
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biometric facial recognition

Despite the initial worries of the industry, the pandemic is not holding back a proliferation of new biometric solutions.

The latest include an open-source facial recognition service from Exadel, an application development tool for biometrics apps from IDmission, and a biometric headset and platform from OpenBCI.

Exadel releases open-source facial recognition application

Digital identity solutions provider Exadel has announced the release of the new service for a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality and travel.

CompreFace is an open-source facial recognition application that can be integrated as a standalone service or deployed remotely via the cloud.

The solution uses deep neural networks to provide highly accurate face recognition levels, and its “roles system” controls can be used by users to intuitively access the Face Collection, Exadel says.

Individual users can also create several Face Collections based on different subsets of people, and access them separately using the roles system controls.

IDmission launches new wrapper app for biometric development on mobiles

IDmission has created a new wrapper application development tool named AppIT to help developers integrate the company’s Identity SDK into existing web applications for mobile devices.

AppIT allows the development of hybrid web applications for mobile devices using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript, instead of the platform-specific APIs necessary for apps on Android and iOS devices.

The apps developed using this method are referred to as “hybrid” as all layout rendering is done via web views instead of the platform’s native UI framework.

However, since they are packaged as a container, the apps can be distributed and have access to native device APIs, giving superior biometric outcomes when it comes to face authentication via camera and potentially fingerprint sensors and other biometrics. The SDK can be used for applications including biometric selfies, passive liveness checks, signature capture and more, the company says.

IDmission’s face biometrics were recently found compliant with ISO/IEC presentation attack detection standards in testing by iBeta.

OpenBCI’s Galea platform merges biometrics and mixed reality

Neurotechnology firm OpenBCI hsa launched Galea, a new hardware and software platform combining mixed reality technology with biosensing and brain-computer interfacing (BCI) techniques.

The headset features several sensors capable of real-time biometric monitoring, including electroencephalogram (EEG), electrooculography (EOG) electromyography (EMG), electrodermal activity (EDA), and photoplethysmography (PPG), which OpenBCI claims can accurately identify emotions. The sensors also provide a range of real-time analytics.

Galea is compatible with head-mounted displays, including virtual reality and augmented reality devices.

Together with Galea, OpenBCI has also released compatible SDKs to foster the development of biometric applications using neurotechnology across industries.

Early access for researchers and developers is planned for 2021, with the company aiming to use BCI combined with mixed reality for commercial and research applications.

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