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iDenfy adopts Manu behavioral biometrics, Sumsub and Yoti each announce partnerships

Digital ID capabilities to support transactions and onboarding
iDenfy adopts Manu behavioral biometrics, Sumsub and Yoti each announce partnerships

A series of partnerships to ease onboarding and transactions with biometrics and digital ID credentials have been announced by iDenfy and Manu to integrate behavioral biometrics with document verification, by Sumsub to being identity verification to online exchanges, brokerages, wallet roviders and fintech companies and by Yoti to give autonomous agents digital ID capabilities.

iDenfy integrated Manu behavioral biometrics

iDenfy is integrating typing biometrics from Manu, a Lithuanian behavioral analytics firm, under a new strategic partnership to help iDenfy customers detect potential fraud and save on external registry costs during digital onboarding.

Manu’s artificial intelligence algorithms filter customers even prior to onboarding by tracking their behavioral biometrics as they complete online forms. The model is trained with credit score, fraud, and loan performance data, enabling it to evaluate risk without external input. The software is created for multi-channel integration into customer sales workflows with a single line of code, according to the announcement.

“We are extremely excited to enter into the partnership with iDenfy multiple awards winner, one of the leading startups in the region,” comments Manu CEO and Co-founder Daumantas Zamalis. “iDenfy is a full-stack identity check service provider that aims to improve the user onboarding experience & optimize the budget for their clients. We expect to refine our offering and further develop the product utilising the extensive know-how and network of the partner. We hope to be a good fit & helping hand in achieving iDenfy goals – developing new fraud prevention and detection systems, improving user onboarding experience and success rate.”

iDenfy recently partnered with Smart Engines to increase the environmental sustainability of biometric identification processes.

Sumsub to provide biometric onboarding for Scalable Solutions’ clients

Sumsub has partnered with Scalable Solutions, which provides white label software for digital exchanges, to give its customers access to Sumsub’s one-stop-shop platform to meet identity verification needs for KYC and AML onboarding and compliance.

The Sumsub platform includes ID document and video selfie biometric capabilities that can be used to meet most compliance requirements.

“If trading businesses want to avoid fines and keep their platforms out of trouble, compliance with regulatory demands is vital,” states Sumsub Co-founder Jacob Sever. “We’re happy to supply Scalable Solutions with a secure and user-friendly tool. Now their clients can stop worrying about complicated regulations and onboard more efficiently.”

The integration includes compliance to local and international regulations such as FATF, FINMA, FCA, CySEC, and MAS.

The companies had several large mutual clients prior to the partnership, further motivating their collaboration.

Yoti to provide identity verification for Fetch.ai automated agents

Yoti and Fetch.ai have agreed to a digital ID collaboration, giving autonomous economic agents from Fetch.ai the capability to perform credential and identity verification for their owners in digital environments in order to complete transactions.

Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs), which are software agents used to autonomously carry out actions on behalf of a user towards achievement of a specific goal, the companies explain in the announcement.

The joint technology partnership is intended to benefit companies in the supply chain industry, mobility applications like vehicle rental, and decentralized finance (DeFi). In the mobility use case, the companies suggest drivers and passengers on a ride-sharing service could verify the identities of each other seamlessly and autonomously. For financial services, transactions subject to know your customer (KYC) and anti money-laundering (AML) requirements can be handled by AEAs using a reusable Yoti Digital ID.

Fetch.ai agents can anchor their verified identity to a public key or digital wallet address or a series of transactions with being controlled by a centralized third party, according to the announcement.

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