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Biometrics Institute and other groups welcome new industry members

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New representatives have joined several cross-industry collaborations seeking to promote and standardize safety, ethics, and privacy in digital ID and biometric technology.

Liquid Avatar has joined the Good Health Pass Initiative to help restart the ailing travel industry, Bermuda has become a member of the ID2020 initiative, and the Biometrics Institute has welcomed key industry leaders as its latest members. Similarly, Aculab has joined the TechUK trade association, and SecureAuth has joined efforts on digital ID standardization within the OpenID initiative.

Liquid Avatar joins Good Health Pass initiative to restart international travel

Liquid Avatar is joining the Good Health Pass initiative, a cross-sector effort to create universal standards for safe digital health passes for global pandemic recovery. The program will bring together industry leaders who will co-design the blueprints for the post-pandemic travel industry. Specifically, these efforts are aimed at creating interoperable open standard digital ID systems used for health verification. Liquid Avatar, a specialist in blockchain-based digital ID and digital trust infrastructure as a steering committee member of the Trust Over IP Foundation (ToIP), hopes to leverage its expertise to boost this ambitious undertaking.

The Good Health Pass Initiative is an ID2020-led effort to design globally accepted and interoperable systems that will ease currently restricted international travel. The ongoing task is to bring standardized and commonly accepted systems to aiding airports, airlines, customs, hospitality providers to conduct frictionless passenger verification operations.

“We’re excited to join other industry leaders to provide a highly trusted verifiable credential that will support the global recovery,” said Liquid Avatar Chief Business Development Officer RJ Reiser. “By leveraging existing Open Standards, we can support user privacy concerns and empower them with the ability to share what they want, when they want, and with whom they want.”

The Biometrics Institute welcomes several new members

NEC Asia Pacific, The U.S. Department of Commerce, Laxton Group, Speech Pro Russia, and Speech Pro USA have all joined the Biometrics Institute as its newest members. The independent institute, which brings together global industry and thought leaders, promotes the responsible use of biometrics around the world.

ID2020 welcomes Bermuda privacy commissioner

ID2020 announced that the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda became an official member of the digital ID alliance. Alexander White, Bermuda’s first privacy commissioner, will become an integral part of the public-private ID2020 partnership that seeks to promote ethically implemented, user- and privacy-centric digital ID solutions. White, who is in charge of Bermuda’s privacy and data protection oversight, will also serve as a member of ID2020’s ethics and risk advisory committee.

“Digital identity solutions, if designed the right way, have the potential to place individuals in even greater control over how their personal information is used,” said White. “Such ethical, privacy-protective, and interoperable approaches will help build a more inclusive world and enable safer online experiences. ID2020 has long advocated for user control over personal data — a core belief that we share. Bermudians will benefit from the development of digital identity solutions and standards that promote privacy protections, and we look forward to collaborating with the ID2020 team to achieve our shared objectives.”

Aculab joins TechUK trade association

Aculab has joined TechUK, an 850 member-strong technology trade association that brings together companies from various sectors of the United Kingdom. In particular, Aculab will be contributing its ideas as well as speech and signals-processing knowledge at TechUK’s Diversifying Telecoms campaign week that seeks to pool cross-industry efforts to future-proof the UK’s telecommunications sector.

Within this event, Aculab will be presenting articles on “Security and resilience considerations for future telecoms,” “When will telecom gateways be extinct?” and “Adopting a local cloud philosophy to get the highest security for your data.”

SecureAuth joins OpenID Foundation

SecureAuth has announced that it has become a member of the OpenID Foundation and that it will be actively engaging in the governing body’s elections. The company will assist in steering international standardization efforts as part of the non-profit organization’s commitment to enable, promote, and protect OpenID technologies.

The company will actively participate in and support OpenID’s Shared Signals and Events Working Group (SSE WG), including research and development of the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol, which provides an identity layer for machine-to-machine and human-based communications. The OIDC is also integrated within SecureAuth’s Protect platform.

“We welcome SecureAuth’s membership in the OpenID Foundation and look forward to their contributions to the SSE WG and their support for open standards in identity, access control, and authentication,” said OpenID’s Don Thibeau. “The success of the Shared Signals Working Group is one of the great hidden successes. One objective is to define mechanisms to deliver system implementers with an approved standard for securely sending signals and receiving signals, access and avoid account takeover.”

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