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Simprints partnership brings data security expertise to virtual CISO service for nonprofits

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Simprints partnership brings data security expertise to virtual CISO service for nonprofits

Nonprofit organization NetHope has entered a new partnership with biometrics nonprofit Simprints to provide resources for humanitarian, development and conservation organizations.

As part of the collaboration, NetHope will include Simprints in its Digital Protection program, an initiative funded by Cisco, Okta, and others.

The initiative was announced by both NetHope and Simprints on LinkedIn.

“NetHope is proud to partner with Simprints to deliver our groundbreaking Digital Protection program,” reads the NetHope post.

According to James Eaton-Lee, the virtual chief information security officer at NetHope (and director of privacy, responsible data, and risk at Simprints), the program will enable the company to step up its online security efforts.

This will include amplifying and expanding Simprints’ existing approaches to cybersecurity, data protection, and safe, digitally enabled programming.

“We know that for many of our members, privacy and information security resourcing is scarce, and the external marketplace is highly competitive,” Eaton-Lee wrote in a Nethope blog post.

“By offering resourcing as part of a shared core we believe we can be safer and stronger, together. ”

Under the Digital Protection program, Nethope will also be offering vCISO office hours for free to NetHope Member organizations.

“From this month, if you’re a NetHope member, you can access free 1:1 advisory support from our team via NetHope as part of the first phase of this program,” reads the Simprints’ LinkedIn post.

“This will include cybersecurity and data protection best practices, high-quality guidance, and support directly in your technology, risk, and cybersecurity teams.”

Commenting on the news, Eaton-Lee said Nethope anticipates that for Members with low or no specialist expertise this should give them vital, contextually aware strategic support without having to hire or buy support.

“We invite other funders to join with us to help protect global humanitarian aid and conservation nonprofits from malicious cyberattacks so that they can continue to do their vital work to help our world’s most vulnerable people and fragile ecosystems,” the executive concludes.

The partnership comes weeks after Eaton-Lee outlined its ideas for responsible biometric deployment in a Simprints webinar.

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