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Simprints Technology Ltd

Website: simprints.com

Simprints is a UK-based nonprofit technology company building and deploying biometric identification solutions to radically increase transparency and effectiveness in global development, making sure every vaccine, every dollar, every public good reaches the people who need them most.

Simprints Technology Ltd Biometrics News


Simprints reports increased efficiency in healthcare delivery with biometrics

Simprints says it noted more efficiency in all its healthcare delivery projects around the world in 2023 thanks to its…

Mar 27, 2024

Simprints plans to make its biometric ID open source for greater social impact

The CEO of Simprints Toby Norman says the company plans to release a full open source stack for its fingerprints…

Mar 8, 2024

Consultant sought by Simprints to assess biometric vaccine delivery in Ghana

Simprints has posted a tender opportunity for a research consultancy to asses its project in Ghana for ensuring efficient vaccine…

Mar 6, 2024

Biometric ID security insights in the wake of deepfakes: MOSIP Connect Day 2

Industry experts from iProov, Simprints and BixeLab have emphasized the importance of clean data collection during biometric enrollment and the…

Feb 29, 2024

Digital ID deployment playing crucial role in African healthcare delivery

Stakeholders in the healthcare sector have agreed that digital ID, no matter what format it takes, can make massive contributions…

Feb 2, 2024

Anonybit, Innovatrics, Advance.AI and Veriff bring in C-suite leaders

New C-level appointments have been unveiled by Anonybit, Innovatrics, Advance.AI and Veriff.  D3 Labs, ITL and Simprints also added talent…

Jan 5, 2024

Simprints, Tech5 and Zwipe announce appointments

Biometrics providers Simprints, Tech5 and Zwipe have each welcomed officials to important roles. This comes as the Identity and Access…

Dec 6, 2023

Simprints non-profit biometrics growth dilemma now on Harvard Business curriculum

Toby Norman, co-founder and CEO of Simprints, first collaborated on the company’s Vero fingerprint scanner to facilitate aid workers from…

Nov 20, 2023

Simprints biometrics driving inclusive healthcare delivery in Ethiopia

Panelists in a recent webinar organized by Simprints were unanimous that technology deployed by the UK-based fingerprint biometrics company for…

Sep 6, 2023

Simprints wants second pair of eyes on its biometrics plans in Ethiopia

A non-profit fingerprint recognition company is looking for a consultant’s help for work it’s doing on Ethiopia’s digital health care…

Jun 7, 2023

Biometrics and digital ID raise policy questions; Simprints and Yoti have answers

As debates over digital IDs and biometric data privacy become more heated, identity solutions companies are hoping to bring more…

Apr 12, 2023

NEC, Socure, SecureAuth, ID Secure, Simprints add senior leadership

Several companies in the biometric and digital ID space have expanded their leadership teams with new appointments. The first is…

Dec 2, 2022

WFP accelerator selects biometrics, digital ID integrators for pandemic preparedness

A World Food Programme accelerator scheme for digital health startups aimed at better pandemic preparedness has selected one that integrates…

Nov 2, 2022

Simprints continues hiring after largest ever grant – chief people and culture officer

UK nonprofit Simprints is on the hunt for a new member of its team. The appointee into the new role…

Oct 27, 2022

Identiv, iProov, Liminal and OneID add experienced leaders to drive digital identity growth

Biometrics and digital identity providers Identiv, iProov and OneID and consultants Liminal have strengthened their executive and non-executive teams with…

Sep 26, 2022

Pangiam on US hiring spree as Trulioo cuts staff and SMB digital identity portfolio

Biometric travel and security solutions provider Pangiam has unveiled new investment plans, which it says will give room for creating…

Sep 1, 2022

Simprints hiring consultant to evaluate biometrics pilot for young children in Bangladesh

Biometrics non-profit Simprints is seeking a consultant to perform monitoring and evaluation for a trial project to use fingerprints to…

Jun 28, 2022

Simprints partnership brings data security expertise to virtual CISO service for nonprofits

Nonprofit organization NetHope has entered a new partnership with biometrics nonprofit Simprints to provide resources for humanitarian, development and conservation…

Jun 13, 2022

Simprints Director lays out guidance for responsible biometrics deployment

British biometric nonprofit Simprints outlined its ideas for responsible biometric deployment in a webinar, establishing a guide for organizations to…

May 10, 2022

Biometrics use cases, ethics to be examined in webinars from Oosto, Simprints, EAB, FIDO Alliance

A variety of new webinars focusing on different applications of and issues around biometric technologies have been announced by Oosto,…

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