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Simprints, Tech5 and Zwipe announce appointments

Identity and Access Forum picks steering committee members
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Simprints, Tech5 and Zwipe announce appointments

Biometrics providers Simprints, Tech5 and Zwipe have each welcomed officials to important roles. This comes as the Identity and Access Forum – a multi-sector body supporting the development and adoption of secure identification ecosystems – has constituted its steering committee membership for 2024 to headline its activities across various sector of intervention.

In a departure from the digital identity sector, former Prove Chief Compliance Officer Lesley O’Neill has been hired for the same role by Binance.US, Law360 reports. Prove has not yet announced her replacement.

New people and executive assistant for Simprints

Simprints says it is counting on the long years of experience of Catherine Langston who has joined the UK-based firm as a people and executive assistant.

With her experience working in executive and business support functions in many sectors, Langston is expected to provide useful support for “the People Operations and Executive teams to drive the growth and development of Simprints,” the firm said in a LinkedIn post.

Langston says she has “extensive experience” as an executive assistant and education coordinator in diverse sectors.

Tech5 welcomes new chief AI scientist

Renowned researcher and graduate from the Michigan State University in the United States, Debayan Deb, is assuming a new role as Tech5’s chief AI scientist.

In this role, he will lead efforts aimed at advancing Tech5’s neural network-based technologies involving three core biometric modalities (face, fingerprints and iris).

The biometrics specialist, since 2015, will also be involved in research in the United States, under the leadership of the company’s co-founder, chairman and CTO Rahul Parthe.

“Debayan’s appointment marks an exciting phase in our research trajectory. His deep expertise in biometric technologies is a vital asset in our pursuit of achieving a zero-error rate in biometric recognition systems. The enlistment of Debayan Deb as Chief AI Scientist underscores the company’s commitment to advancing the cutting-edge of biometric technology, thereby solidifying our leadership in this rapidly evolving field,” said Parthe.

Before the appointment, Deb had been working with Tech5 in the same area of interest as the head of LENS Corporation, an AI and biometrics company.

“Joining Tech5 represents a significant milestone in my career. I am committed to enhancing Tech5’s biometric matching algorithms across various modalities, aiming to enhance their precision, efficiency, and processing speed. I am also keen on expanding Tech5’s offerings beyond biometric matching, such as deepfake detection and hashing,” Deb said.

Deb holds a PhD in computer science with specialization in biometrics.

Zwipe appoints interim CFO

Hugo Petit is taking Zwipe’s chief financial officer role on an interim basis, having served as CFO with other companies for more than 20 years.

Current CFO and Head of Investor Relations Danielle Glenn is leaving the industry to work in capital markets advise and consulting.

Glenn will remain in the role until the end of January, and continue in a consulting capacity after that to ensure a smooth transition. She is credit in the announcement with spearheading the Zwipe’s two rights issues in the last fiscal year, and restructuring the company to improve its financial flexibility and liquidity.

Zwipe CEO Robert Puskaric says Petit is experienced at enabling organizations to remain “lean and streamlined while adapting to fast-evolving markets.”

Identity and Access Forum constitutes 2024 steering committee

Officials from top identity industry organizations have been appointed as member of the steering committee of the Identity and Access Forum, an affiliate group within the Secure Technology Alliance, according to an announcement.

The appointments represent the commitment of the Identity and Access Forum to pursue its mission of supporting the uptake of innovative technologies in various domains including identity and access management, trust frameworks, identity assurance, digital Identity and physical access control.

The committee is the leading organ of the Forum and it has the responsibility to coordinate other working committees and mission activities including the development of best practices for the implementation of secure technologies.

In the steering committee, four Secure Technology Alliance members are appointed as officers, and they include Teresa Wu from Idemia as chair; Rajan Barbara from Entrust as vice chair; Scruti Jain from Consult Hyperion as secretary and Jatin Deshpande from Giesecke+Devrient as treasurer. The names of other members of the steering committee can be found in the announcement.

“Collaboration is truly at the heart of everything we do. Under the leadership of this diverse group of Steering Committee members, we empower the identity and access market to embrace future-focused technology and initiatives by ensuring that every key stakeholder has a seat at the table,” said Sandy Mayfield, managing director of the Identity and Access Forum.

“Through their dedication and leadership, the Forum can analyze industry challenges from every angle and develop educational tools and guidance that will make the entire secure identity ecosystem more agile. We are grateful to our Steering Committee members and officers for their commitment to the industry.”

The Secure Technology Alliance underwent restructuring in 2022 to streamline how its resources are deployed for higher efficiency and results.

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