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Pulse Security selling IP for multi-biometric doorbell invention with IR thermometer

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Pulse Security selling IP for multi-biometric doorbell invention with IR thermometer

A new multi-biometric doorbell that can read the temperature and biometrics of a person before allowing them entry to a facility has been developed to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

The patent-pending invention, which can analyze a person’s temperature, pulse, fingerprint, voice and face, has been put up for sale or license by inventor and entrepreneur Ross Markbreiter, of Pulse Security Systems.

Markbreiter announced that the intellectual property behind the doorbell is for sale back in April, at an asking price of over a million dollars.

The biometric scanning determines a person’s identity. Visitors would have to press their finger against a scanner in order to start the verification, notes the Pulse Security web site, which appears dedicated solely to marketing the patent.

An infrared thermometer is used to detect fever, while a standard camera performs facial recognition. The doorbell is also equipped with a microphone to perform voice recognition.

If the LED lights on the doorbell go green, the person at the door is allowed access. If one of the lights shows red, the door remains locked, and the visitor could use the integrated speaker to speak with someone for assistance.

The multi-modal biometrics and temperature-reading doorbell is a response to the challenges brought about by common doorbell systems where a person’s identity can be verified, but not their health status, according to the announcement.

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