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Biometric Update regularly authors posts about patents. The following list of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news related to patents. Additional tags may be explored by accessing our complete Biometrics Topics list.


Apple files patent work for ‘body print’ recognition, digital Watch crown

The U.S. Patent Office published a biometric home security patent application filed by Apple (20230013117) last week. The document expands…


Apple loses on patent, files another patent and considers big design change

Apple executives think they have an answer to the metaverse’s most anticipated pain in the neck. And although they tend…


GBT’s face and ‘body’ biometrics patent granted, imaging invention published

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has approved a patent by GBT Technologies referring to a machine learning-driven image…


SecureAuth unveils 7 patents for behavioral biometrics, ID proofing

The United States patent office has granted SecureAuth seven patents for methods of authenticating claimed ID using automated risk-based control…


Biometrics patents for enrollment, learning variations and personalization granted, filed

NextgenID has been granted a patent on the Identity portal hardware and accompanying software that makes up its Trusted Identity…


Face biometrics coming to vehicles will allow keyless access and more

You could soon lose your car keys — for good. Genesis Motor Europe and an Oshawa, Canada tech startup are…


Liveness detection may be coming to Apple, gesture recognition lives on for Google devices

Intellectual property protection claims by Apple for liveness detection with fingerprints or face biometrics have been published by the U.S….


Patent registered for heart rhythms as biometric ID; researchers work on security

Japanese researchers say they have registered for a United States patent on using electrocardiogram waveforms as a biometric identifier, but…


Voice biometrics to generate encrypted digital certificate in new tech from University of Florida

Your phone knows where you are, but does it really know you? It soon will, via new, patented voice biometrics…


Biometric point-of-sales vendor gets patent for fingerprint retail payment system

A U.S. patent has been awarded to a company making fingerprint scanners that can be used to biometrically confirm a…

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