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Multimodal biometric terminal from Telpo integrates Elyctis digital ID scanning

Multimodal biometric terminal from Telpo integrates Elyctis digital ID scanning

Telpo has selected digital ID document readers from Elyctis for integration into its S8 rugged biometric tablet to address global demand for identity-scanning terminals.

The Elyctis ID BOX One OEM 021 is being integrated with Telpo’s tablet for contactless collection of data from a wide range of ID documents, including all digital passport and ID card types, which low-end RFID readers cannot do, according to the announcement. The ID BOX One OEM 021 provides MRZ (machine-readable zone) reading, optical character recognition (OCR) analysis and contactless document scanning.

The Telpo S8 tablet combines the above ID document-reading features with multi-modal biometrics, including fingerprint, iris, face and voice recognition. The terminal supports communication through 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with larger data storage and battery capacity.

“We are very happy of our collaboration with Elyctis. Not only their products have delivered outstanding results during our internal benchmarking process, but also our developer’s feedback praise the ease of integration of Elyctis hardware and SDK,” says Telpo International Division General Manager Sunny Sun. “We will be glad to expand our collaboration with Elyctis for future projects.”

Thousands of S8 biometric terminals with the Elyctis ID BOX One OEM 021 integrated have already been delivered by Telpo for a large-scale national elections project. The terminal is used in the project for voter identification and authentication for an election, with voter fingerprint data checked against an existing electoral roll. Voter ID cards or passports can also be scanned for identity verification.

“Telpo is acknowledged as a world leader in ID reading projects,” comments Alexandre Joly, CEO of Elyctis. “Having our ID readers integrating by them is at the same time an honor and a recognition of the excellence of our development and industrial qualities. We will be happy to keep on working together with Telpo for many future projects.”

Telpo pitches importance of reliable biometric terminals for government programs

Investments in biometrics by governments around the world show the growing importance of the technology, Telpo says in a post shared with Biometric Update.

France’s government has been urging the EU to approve regulations for sharing biometric data between law enforcement agencies, and Russia has recently passed legislation to mandate biometric data-sharing between banks and the government.

In Africa, Nigeria has moved to make it easier for people with disabilities to register for the national biometric ID system, while Gambia is attempting to register its citizens’ biometrics for new civil registry and national health insurance systems.

Each of these governments is relying on the accuracy and efficiency of biometrics to improve public programs, Telpo notes. To achieve these aims, selecting powerful and reliable terminals for biometric identification is important, according to the company.

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