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Regula ID document template database grows as Innovatrics, ID R&D pitch strengths

Regula ID document template database grows as Innovatrics, ID R&D pitch strengths

Regula has increased the coverage of its ID document scanning, while Innovatrics says it can accurately extract data from one of the world’s more challenging identity credentials, and ID R&D has won an award for its technology ensuring an ID document submission is not a presentation attack.

Regula expands database

Regula’s document template database has expanded to more than 12,000 templates of more than 200 ID document types from 248 countries and territories around the world.

New ID documents added to Regula’s database between October and November 2022 include biometric passports from Belize, Switzerland and Turkey, ID cards from Aruba and Italy, and driver’s licenses from Pennsylvania. Panama’s yet-to-be-released ID card and residence permit are already in the database.

More than 1,600 digital ID documents from different countries, including biometric passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses and residence permits are now in the Regula database. Nearly half of them were added within the last five years. Regula added more than 2,000 them this year.

“It’s no surprise that e-documents with RFID chips are currently prevailing in many countries,” explains Ihar Kliashchou, Chief Technology Officer at Regula. “As document forgery becomes more sophisticated, so does document protection. RFID chips are considered to be a reliable method of securing an identity document. However, this is the case only if the chips can be authenticated correctly, with a comprehensive ID verification solution certified in accordance with industry standards. Also, when authenticating RFID chips remotely (in online onboarding scenarios, for example), it’s vital to perform advanced server-side authentication, as it’s the only way to prove their genuineness.”

The company believes it has the largest database of commercially available identity documents on the global market.

Kliashchou contributed a Biometric Update guest post on the effectiveness of OCR and ID data parsing with ID documents in January.

Innovatrics claims leadership reading Thai ID cards

The new Thai National Identity Document (NID) card is a complex identity credential to read, in part due to the 72 letters of the Thai language, according to Innovatrics.

The company says its optical character recognition is emerging as the market leader in accurately reading data from the Thai NID card, enabling organizations to provide remote services to customers in a user-friendly way. The ID card can be used in user onboarding and KYC processes.

Innovatrics used its advanced neural network models to develop an algorithm which accurately crops the name field on the cards and recognizes Thai script even in lower-quality photos of the credential, according to a company announcement.

ID R&D wins award for document liveness detection

ID R&D’s identity document liveness detection product IDLive Doc has been named among the winners of the 2023 BIG Innovation Awards from Business Intelligence Group.

IDLive Doc is used to confirm that the ID document presented is actually in the possession of the person presenting it. The company says its testing shows a 42 percent reduction in fraudulent documents accepted through its solution.

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