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Securing identity in a world shared with virtual humans

Securing identity in a world shared with virtual humans

Securing identity in a world shared with virtual humans
February 15, 2023, 12:00 EST

How biometrics and liveness detection have evolved to protect us from deepfake- and chat-powered fraud

Deepfakes have been identified as a looming fraud risk for years, but the introduction of ChatGPT has put a point on the fact that it won’t be long before we are interacting online with machines that are “virtually” indistinguishable from humans. Chatbots will be domain experts on call, providing technical support and business advice; they will collaborate on projects and take actions on Zoom calls. The deep neural networks behind deepfakes will be used to put a human face on our virtual counterparts.

Unfortunately, these technologies will be also used to attempt “deep fraud” and crime. But liveness detection has come a long way since being used to detect rubber thumbs. In a brave new world of human/machine collaboration, biometrics and liveness will be vital to protecting our engagements with machines from bad actors.

This webinar will explore:

– New use cases for human/machine interaction driven by deep learning and generative AI
– How biometrics will be used to mitigate the security threat posed by hyper-realistic bots and fakes
– How liveness detection will be used to prevent presentation attacks and injection attacks
– The impact of human/machine fluency on security and user experience

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