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Selfie biometrics deals inked to secure gambling, crypto, recruitment

Idemia, IDverse, authID unveil customer wins
Selfie biometrics deals inked to secure gambling, crypto, recruitment

Face biometrics from Idemia, IDverse and authID are being implemented to fight fraud in three of the industries outside of traditional financial services where the technology is becoming prevalent.

In a move aimed at increasing ID acceptance rates and reducing fraud, CentralAMS, which provides identity orchestration platforms, KYC/AML and digital payment systems for the gambling industry, has signed a three-year deal with Idemia, the French identity verification services company, according to a release.

The integration of Idemia’s system, which the Kantara Initiative has certified as compliant with NIST SP 800-63 rev. 3 Component Service at IAL2, will bring digital identity proofing as well as integrated document authentication with digital tampering detection, font anomaly detection and more to CentralAMS’s suite of products and services for the gaming sector.

“We are thrilled to add Idemia’s identity & verification (ID&V) and state DMV system of record check services to our identity orchestration platform,” says Mark Lipparelli, chief executive officer of CentralAMS. “We selected Idemia for its decades-long experience in providing secure identity credentials, such as driver’s licenses, passports, and government identification cards, and its unique ability to help us securely validate an individual’s biographic and biometric attributes against state and national identity databases as a root of trust.”

Hal Wiediger, the SVP of client success for Idemia, has high praise for CantralAMS’s rapid growth into the casino resort space. “CentralAMS’s identity platform enables gaming operators to collect and manage player information, comply with regulatory policies, manage payments and taxation, and more,” he says. “We are excited to help serve their needs and fuel their success while reducing identity fraud with our ID&V solution, document authentication technology, and state DMV system of record check.”

The deal gives CentralAMS exclusive rights to Idemia’s system in the U.S. for a trial period of six months, with full extension upon mutual agreement.

IDVerse deal part of crypto exchange’s commitment to rebuilding trust

London-based IDVerse will provide KYC onboarding and secure digital ID verification for Birake Exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange specializing in Masternode tokens, according to a release. IDVerse employs generative AI to verify users quickly using selfie biometrics via their smartphone. The system works for more than 16,000 documents in 142 languages/typesets.

Registered users verify their identity via an SMS link, using ID documents which can include driver’s licenses, passports, ID cards, or photo cards, depending on the country. The release from Birake exchange makes note of the recent turmoil in the crypto market and the resultant global push for regulations.

“To mitigate fraud risks while fostering public confidence, judicious customer due diligence through identity verification has become a priority for us,” says the Birake team. “We are delighted to partner with IDVerse to mitigate any potential security risks and ensure our users are quickly and securely verified.”

Adam Desmond, the Commercial Director EMEA of IDVerse, says the company is proud to help Birake Exchange fortify its defense against “the escalating sophistication of fraudulent attacks like deepfakes and injection attacks.”

“Our IDV technology is at the forefront of this battle, ensuring that Birake Exchange not only meets but exceeds Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations.”

ID document capture and verification deal targets workforce hiring efficiencies

An agreement between biometric identity verification firm authID and SaaS recruitment company Workforce360 will see authID provide identity verification services for ID document collection and customer experience streamlining, says a release.

Workforce360 offers a system to expedite the process of overseas recruitment at scale for skilled and unskilled laborers in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

“Providing our valued network of agents and employers with fast, high-volume recruitment is paramount to our mission,” says Alexander de Oliveira, CEO of Workforce360. By leveraging authID’s automated document-based identity verification, the firm can offer fast, secure authentication of more than 12,000 government IDs and passports from 200 countries and territories, via a user interface accessible on any browser.

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