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BriefCam is a provider of video analytics software that enables people, companies, and communities to unlock the value of video surveillance content. Delivering accurate, flexible, and comprehensive solutions, BriefCam’s video analytics platform provides valuable insights for accelerating investigations, increasing situational awareness, and enhancing operational intelligence.

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French politicians vow legal action on alleged illegal facial recognition use by police

A recent report that the French national police has been using a facial recognition system from Israel illegally for the…

Nov 15, 2023

French police may have been unlawfully using facial recognition since 2015

An investigation by Disclose has turned up emails showing that French national police have been using facial recognition for eight…

Mar 27, 2023

Computer vision data analytics in the spotlight for retail and small businesses

Call it ‘browsing:’ retailers increasingly have options for AI-assisted video analytics and data analysis software to harvest customer data in…

Jun 7, 2022

BriefCam video search with limited facial recognition licensed by Canadian police force

Police in Thunder Bay, Canada, have announced a software upgrade to the force’s street surveillance program with an artificial intelligence…

Jun 29, 2021

Cruise lines using BriefCam’s facial recognition for COVID-19 contact tracing

Cruise ships operated by Celebrity and Royal Caribbean have integrated BriefCam video analytics with facial recognition into their existing security systems…

Jul 31, 2020

Edgeworx, Nvidia, BriefCam pitch value of edge biometrics and analytics during a pandemic

The COVID pandemic has resulted in a huge emphasis on implementing video surveillance, biometric facial recognition and other applications for…

Jun 24, 2020

Nvidia offers edge AI software, hardware for AI and biometrics to hospitals on the frontline

Nvidia, best known for its high-powered graphics processing units (GPUs), has new software and AI models that the company expects…

Mar 24, 2020

BriefCam adds facial biometrics to mobile app, LPR and people counting to video analytics platform

BriefCam has upgraded its product portfolio with biometric facial recognition introduced to its mobile app, and new video analytics capabilities…

Nov 22, 2018

BriefCam integrates real-time face recognition in new version of video analytics platform

BriefCam has announced the introduction of real-time face recognition for enhanced situational awareness as part of v5.3 of its extensible…

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