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Garsu Pasaulis

Website: gp.lt

Garsu Pasaulis is a prominent printing company based in Vilnius, Lithuania, established in 1994. It operates in the high-security and commercial printing industry, producing products such as passports, identification cards, tax stamps, and other security documents. The company is recognized as one of the largest and most modern printing houses in Lithuania and is a key player in the Baltic region.

Garsu Pasaulis Biometrics News


Zimbabwe implements biometric border posts for automating immigration processes

Zimbabwe is implementing fingerprint and iris biometrics at its borders to automate tasks that have historically been carried out by…

Jul 25, 2023

Biometric passports issuance progresses in Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe

There has been an increase in biometric passport issuance reported by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe, and innovation…

Jun 14, 2023

Zimbabwe claims passport backlog is eliminated with 600K issued since January 2022

Zimbabwe has issued more than 600,000 passports holding the bearer’s biometrics on an electronic chip, Bulawyo24 reports, clearing a backlog…

Mar 28, 2022

Biometric passport issuance underway in Zimbabwe, digital IDs from April

The issuance of new generation biometric passports has started in some provinces of Zimbabwe and there are plans to extend…

Jan 27, 2022

Belgium biometric passports feature new Zetes security innovation

Belgium’s new biometric passports have been unveiled with protection from counterfeiting provided by a new technology co-developed by Zetes. Initial…

Dec 15, 2021

Hundreds of millions worldwide become eligible for biometric passports

Zimbabwe and Pakistan launch biometric passports while nations push for better service and support for their citizens overseas. Malawi terminates…

Jan 5, 2021

Governments act to support increased biometrics use, data sharing at borders

Governments around the world are using common standards and ICAO-compliant biometric passports to secure immigration and border control processes, and…

Nov 2, 2012

Trüb continues to supply for Lithuanian ePassport

Trüb has signed a new agreement to continue to provide electronic and secure polycarbonate data pages for Republic of Lithuania…

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