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Website: youverify.co

YouVerify is a Nigerian technology company dealing with biometric identity verification and other digital identity solutions.

Youverify Biometrics News


Nigeria’s Youverify receives $2.5M in funding for biometrics, AML

Youverify, a biometrics and AI-powered AML and KYC service provider based in Lagos and San Francisco, has received a $2.5…

May 29, 2023

YouVerify expands to Kenya, KYC platform updates from Shufti, Veridas, Keesing

Nigerian biometric identity verification provider YouVerify has launched in Kenya. The Lagos and San Francisco–based regulatory technology firm is also…

Aug 2, 2022

Youverify adds $1M to seed funding round to tackle fraud with biometrics

Lagos and San Francisco–based biometric identity verification firm Youverify has secured a $1 million seed round extension bringing its total…

Apr 11, 2022

Digital ID providers form association to improve verification services in Nigeria

Some Nigerian companies operating in the digital ID domain, including prominent market players VerifyMe Nigeria and Youverify, have put in…

Dec 20, 2021

Potential ways to avoid digital ID’s dark side concludes ID4Africa trilogy

Different digital identity systems and technologies were considered in ID4Africa’s final livecast of trilogy on ‘The Dark Side of Identity,’…

Jul 23, 2021

Youverify digital wallet promises biometric security for individuals and businesses in Africa

Youverify, a Lagos-based biometric identity verification company, has rolled out an all-in-one digital identity wallet that enables individuals to preserve…

Oct 6, 2020

Nigeria’s Youverify granted two ISO certifications to ensure biometric data protection

Nigerian technology company Youverify, which deals with biometric identity verification and other digital identity solutions, has secured two key certifications…

Mar 16, 2020

Biometrics and digital ID in Africa this week: coronavirus fallout, startup funding, Ghana electoral register

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, some African institutions are reacting by suspending fingerprint-based biometric access and attendance systems in the…

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