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State facial recognition regulations considered as ACLU and Clearview stand in for informed debate

Massachusetts new regulation of facial recognition diverges from the increasingly-worn paths of either preventing the technology’s benefits or not regulating…


IBIA restructures, Biometrics Institute and Good Health Pass bring on new members

Several of the most prominent organizations in and around the biometrics industry have announced changes to their membership or leadership….


Biometrics Institute unveils major educational events for 2021

A number of educational activities intended to edify the biometrics community on how to improve the use of biometric identification…


Data privacy warning issued by Biometrics Institute over rushed development of COVID-19 solutions

Cutting corners in the development of COVID-19 solutions in a hurry to push them onto the market could create a…


Biometrics Institute hiring COO to promote responsible and ethical technology use

The Biometrics Institute is looking for a new Chief Operating Officer to oversee operations and strengthen the organization’s operational strategy and…


ID@Borders and Future of Travel Conference 2021

ID@Borders and Future of Travel Conference 2021 April 20th and 27th, 2021 Online and on demand As borders specialists continue…


Biometrics Institute invites stakeholders to join education efforts

By Isabelle Moeller, Chief Executive at Biometrics Institute. This year has been a learning curve for the Biometrics Institute, as…


ID2020 and Biometrics Institute welcome new members to support responsible ID systems

Panta Group, an Australia-based startup which develops mobile cloud-based technology and digital solutions, is the newest member of the ID2020…


BehavioSec, Biometrics Institute, IDSA bring new talent aboard

A number of institutions focusing on the development of biometric solutions or best practices have appointed new talents this week….


DHS Biometric Technology Rally early findings suggest improved recognition of mask wearers

The first phase of the 2020 Biometric Technology Rally took place at the Maryland Test Facility (MdTF) in September and…

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