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Clearview denies jurisdiction of French regulator in response to €20M fine

French data regulator CNIL has fined Clearview AI 20 million euros, saying the company did not address the formal notice…


Biometrics use by law enforcement criticized in three European countries

Europe continues to wrestle with privacy issues around the collection of sensitive biometric data by law enforcement. In France, Norway,…


euCONSENT age verification interoperability: huge success, but the potential to fail

The encouraging results of the euCONSENT trials for browser-based interoperability for age verification and parental consent were shared at the…


Mayor of Nice calls for deployment of facial recognition following Stade de France clashes

The Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi called for the deployment of facial recognition technologies to prevent situations similar to the…


French Senate seeks to protect against biometric surveillance – with biometric surveillance sandbox

The French Senate Law Commission has released a contradictory report into biometrics that seeks both to ensure France does not…


Ex-employee accuses Apple of training iPhone biometrics by violating staff privacy

Apple was questioned about where it collected the 1 billion images it trained the Face ID biometric algorithm with by…


Law enforcement and civil society grapple with facial recognition policy, transparency

Civil society groups around the world are calling for greater transparency in uses of facial recognition by police, and the…


Ready facial recognition market among French soccer clubs restrained by regulator

Soccer clubs in France are tempted by the possibility of keeping violent spectators out of the stands without hindering their…


French politicians call for face biometrics and AI surveillance tools to tackle terrorism

France may be on the way to deploy face recognition and AI surveillance technologies to monitor people in public spaces….


Airport facial recognition could soon handle masks, biometric boarding pilot begins in Brazil

The use of facial biometrics in airport systems is increasing in France and around the world, and the country’s national…

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