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Biometric Update regularly authors posts about ethics. The following list of links is available to help you find biometrics news concerning ethics. Additional tags may be explored by reviewing our complete Biometrics Topics list.


Biometrics Institute launches Ethical Principles for Biometrics to guide responsible industry behavior

The Biometrics Institute has launched a set of Ethical Principles for Biometrics at its annual U.S. conference in Washington, D.C….


Chief Bias Officer position may be necessary to combat algorithmic bias

While many companies continue to debate how to shape their executive teams in response to increasing digitization, and whether they…


Report highlights potential impact of biometric technology on trust and democracy

The political and economic significance of biometrics are being changed by the potential for sharing biometric data between web servers…


U.S. Congressional Rep. plans national strategy to maintain global artificial intelligence lead

U.S. Congressional Representative Will Hurd (R-Texas) will devise a national artificial intelligence strategy for the country, as Congress will play…


Report questions ethics of image collection for AI facial biometric training datasets

Facial images used in datasets to train AI systems such as facial recognition are often collected without permission from the…


Integrated Biometrics and Biometrics Institute encourage industry gender balance for International Women’s Day

Integrated Biometrics Management Consultant On Tim Tang is speaking at a United Nations event marking International Women’s Day as part…


Carnegie Mellon professor touts increasing emphasis on ethics and philosophy in AI community

Efforts by computer scientists to understand the impact of artificial intelligence on people and society and to build ethical AI…


U.S. House subcommittee to discuss diversity and bias in tech industry

Diversity in the tech industry – or the relative lack of it – is being discussed in a hearing by…


Constitutional rights group recommends laws limiting facial biometrics use by U.S. law enforcement

The Project on Government Oversight’s (POGO’s) Constitution Project has released a report on the potential impact of law enforcement using…


UK oversight group publishes ethics framework for police use of facial recognition

The UK government’s independent Biometrics and Forensics Ethics Group (BFEG) has published an interim report outlining nine ethical principles forming…

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