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Data foundation calls for better control of biometrics in policing

U.S. President Joe Biden wants Congress to establish clear rules for biometric data policies and tools used in criminal investigations….


ITIF, former DHS exec push back on criticisms of facial recognition use by US agency

The Internal Revenue Agency (IRS) should have taken a more measured response to the controversy around its use of identity…


Maybe if federal lawmakers saw that their biometric data is endangered they’d pass a law

A noted public policy think tank scouting the landscape of data privacy law in the United States has found little…


Oosto backs call for scraped biometrics deletion; Clearview fires back

An industry dust-up has broken out over the appropriate composition of biometric reference databases for law enforcement applications, with Oosto endorsing…


Public discussions of biometrics use short on nuance, experts say in IBIA podcast on facial recognition

How accurate is accurate enough for facial biometrics? The answer is that an appropriate use policy takes the accuracy and…


IBIA says draft bill to block new U.S. federal use of facial recognition would do more harm than good

The U.S. Congressional Oversight Committee should consider options for developing principles for the use of facial recognition and other biometrics…

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