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Biometric Update regularly writes posts about privacy. The following list of links is available to help you find biometrics news concerning privacy. Additional tags may be perused by accessing our complete Biometrics Topics list.


What private data? New camera only sees what it’s told to look for

Researchers say they have devised a camera that can take pictures of target objects and nothing else in the frame….


Beyond BIPA: Mitigating biometric data legal risks under Texas and Washington biometrics laws

By David J. Oberly and Nicole D. Brenner* Maybe your company is considering using retina scans for employee building access….


Biometrics work too well with face masks for criminals to hide; or for anonymity

Since the beginning of the pandemic, an increasing number of face biometrics developers have stepped up their efforts to improve…


Gartner forecasts consumer data protection will cover three-quarters of all people by 2024

Michael Hughes, Chief Business Officer at privacy-enhancing data science firm Duality Technologies says it is crucial for enterprises to work…


San Diego finds a compromise on biometric surveillance, but skeptics remain

An accommodation between the right to privacy and the government’s duty to protect has been reached on the use of…


Aadhaar chugs along but India can’t get its data protection act together

India’s central government, seemingly so sure-footed with its flourishing Aadhaar biometric ID, is having a hard time moving personal data…


Protection of health data comes with catches when it comes at all

Health data is the innermost kukla in the nesting doll that is personal digital privacy, and try as some might,…


Police can’t record teens’ biometrics just because they want to – state supreme court

Police in the U.S. state of Michigan have no more right to record biometric identifiers than they have the right…


2022 could still be a big year for BIPA cases. Watch these four

If no more Illinois biometric lawsuits were filed before 2023 – and that would be a poor bet – this…


Warrant served on US suspect forcing him to unlock phone with biometric lock

For years, the Internet has argued if police in the United States can force a suspect to open their phone…

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