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Biometrics investment not constrained by privacy concerns

The acquisition of face biometrics and remote identity proofing supplier Acuant by GBG continues the investment trend in the digital…


Mozilla to Europeans updating eIDAS: Let’s give this more thought

Mozilla is waving off European Commission members, who are considering an update to their 2014 digital ID framework for online…


Roblox biometric, Instagram liveness features seem to subtract trust

Working to make social media safe for all subscribers may be the most thankless task after spotting and deleting anti-vax…


Nigeria to try again on data protection regulation, India seeks further consultation

Moves to put Data Protection Regulation (DPR) in place in Nigeria, China, and India have seen different developments this week….


Bosses like to watch. Workers being biometrically surveilled want to walk

The same problems causing friction for users of AI-based proctoring software are plaguing employees who are subject to surveillance as…


South Korean face biometrics data-sharing scandal gets worse

The South Korean Ministry of Justice is providing millions of illegally-acquired facial images to private companies to enable them to…


Backlash mounts over UK govt failure to implement age verification for online porn

The delay by No. 10 Downing St. to implement Part 3 of the Digital Economy Act 2017, which provides for…


Public surveillance biometrics in Europe could be crushed between the EDPS and AI Act

The European Association for Biometrics (EAB) held an ‘Artificial Intelligence Act Workshop’ to inform members about the impact the proposed…


World foundational digital identity systems under review by Privacy International

Privacy International has begun a series of investigations into the technologies behind foundational digital identity systems in place around the world….


Grindr accused of heavy-handed biometric data requests

Grindr seems to have gotten itself into one of the few positions that even its most flexible subscribers have not…

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