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Biometric Update regularly publishes articles about remote proctoring. The following set of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news about remote proctoring. Additional tags may be perused by accessing our entire Biometrics Topics list.


Microsoft can’t squeak out of BIPA case but could a university?

With most personal injury lawsuits, the central questions are what did a party know and what should a party have…


Online proctoring biometrics use fails to meet Canadian legal threshold, report says

Online proctoring tools for conducting remote exams do not go far enough to ensure free, clear and individual consent from…


Financial institution exemption dooms student’s BIPA class action suit

By David J. Oberly, Biometric Privacy & Data Privacy Attorney For almost four years now, the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy…


Biometric data privacy allegations are getting intense. Just ask White Castle and Amazon

Two new proposed take-downs of the most prominent state-level biometric privacy law in the United States have been launched. The…


Consent legislation progresses in California; biometrics would be reined in

Two California privacy, bills both of which give citizens more rights over their biometric identifiers, are moving toward a vote….


Extended remote learning, biometrics concerns prompt protest against proctoring apps

The undergraduate student senate of the University of California – Davis has unanimously passed legislation “urging” faculty to swear off…


ACLU chapter wants answers on student-monitoring apps in NYC schools

New York human rights advocates have a lot of questions for New York City’s public schools, and they involve 500,000…


Facial recognition in schools: systems deployed in Europe and the US amid privacy concerns

New facial recognition systems are being deployed across school campuses around the world, while others are being removed amidst privacy…


Alliance formed to set standards for biometric proctoring, AI in education

Education artificial intelligence company Riid and non-profit consortium DXtera have partnered to launch the EdSAFE AI Alliance to increase public trust…


Education and science group: Proctoring industry should straighten up

A prominent computing society has issued guidelines — although not standards — for the remote-test industry, including in schools. The…

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