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Iris Id Technology From Morpho Ranks Most Accurate In NIST Test


Morpho Trust USAcame out the overall winner by beating out the competition in a series of tests conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Though not an actual contest, the Iris Identification technology by Morpho Trust USA did indeed prove to be the faster and most accurate among the group according to the Iris Exchange (IREX) III study results made available by the NIST.

The result of the study was released in April of this year after the institute tested and compared the efficiency of 11 commercial and academic providers using biometric data from an extensive database. The importance of the study stems from the need of having a high level of security for certain transactions. Iris identification technology uses images captured from an enrolled individual and matches it against a database for verification.

IREX III tests iris identification algorithms using an operational dataset. The study is independently conducted and the results are then presented to the public. Morpho Trust’s four submissions to the IREX III were seen to provide the best balance in terms of speed, accuracy and size. Furthermore, the technology was able to accurately match all requests regardless of the population size. The stable accuracy of the system and the speed at which it operated was at par with the rest of the highly accurate vendors despite its small template size.

Previously, Morpho Trust passed the IREX I test with flying colors and subsequently did the same with IREX II. In IREX III, the newest generation of iris technology was tested. That new technology is slated to for release sometime this year via Morpho Trust’s ABIS platform.

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