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ForensicaGPS is the new tool against crime


Reviewing grainy video footage from cheap closed circuit television cameras known as CCTV used to be a huge headache for law enforcement officers in their bid to identify criminals and suspects. However, that problem can now be countered with new technology developed by Animetrics Inc.. The firm’s new facial recognition technology is a powerful biometric tool that can be used in improving images in video surveillance systems.

Animetrics Inc. has introduced a new server based facial recognition technology that has 2-D and 3-D features. It is able to enhance images taken from video surveillance cameras or photos that do not have the clearest resolutions. The new software application being released is aptly named ForensicaGPS and will be made available to different law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Ordinary or generic video surveillance cameras are often placed in a position that will cover the widest possible angle. It is able to record movement within a certain area but does not provide quality images when it matters. Suspects entering or fleeing a crime scene are either covered or move at a speed that makes it virtually impossible for a low quality camera to capture a clear photo. Poor image quality often provides negative results when matched to facial recognition system databases.

ForensicaGPS is not only able to enhance a blurred image from a photo but also create a 3-D image from a partial face. The generated 3-D image may then be submitted once again into a facial recognition database to get a secondary identity authentication if needed. The new software is also able to extrapolate through perpetrator coverings, such as sunglasses or masks that covers the mouth.

The revolutionary technology is currently being licensed to several law enforcement agencies around the world in the U.S., Zurich, Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia. A deal is currently being negotiated between Animetrics Inc. and a major law enforcement agency in the United States of America.

Will Anemetrics’ ForensicaGPS be able to enhance crime-fighting tactics?

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