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Unique biometrics will be key to fighting cyber crimes


Nearly 75 percent of those living in the United States have had at least one of their online accounts hacked by a new wave of criminals that are reaching deep into every home without the owner even realizing it.

Even large multinational corporations have not been spared, with many of these companies experienced some kind of cyber breach each month. Some have already labeled this new wave of crimes as “cyber terrorism” or even “digital destruction” as they often leave a trail of damage behind.

What is even more disconcerting is that this statistic continues to rise and the scope of the hacker’s reach does not seem to have an end. Cyber crimes range from petty viruses being installed in your computer while you browse, hacking and vandalizing of your social networking accounts, to the more serious ones like unauthorized purchases using your credit card and even the opening of your bank account while you are fast asleep. Most of the time, these hackers do not need your password to get access. They just need to get into one major database like an online shop to get thousands of credit card numbers and e-mail accounts.

For now, experts and law enforcement agencies are leaning towards biometrics as a major tool to use against cyber crimes. Biometric technology, for the most part, is one of the hardest forms of security to breach. This is because the body has several unique features, which are difficult to reproduce. It can also be convenient as the user does not have memorize a 10 digit password for each account, nor spend a significant amount of time trying to make a new set for next month.

How advanced are the current biometric security systems that are out in the market?

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