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Texas State University to patent and license oculomotor biometrics

Oleg Komogortsev, a researcher at Texas State University in San Marcos, has developed a new eye scanning method that arguably cannot be fooled by fake images.

Biometric methods employed today such as fingerprint identification and iris recognition can be technically breached by creating a model of a finger or an eye by using holographic methods.

Komogortsev’s research is developing a new authentication method that counteracts such breaches by allowing for a mode of identification that is based on eye movement and oculomotor plant metrics. The professor has discovered effective information fusion methods that allow for more accurate identification, based on multiple ocular traits.

Komogortsev believes that the properties of eye movements allow for the identification of a person based on the characteristics of complex eye movement patterns produced by the brain, making such a form of identification especially counterfeit resistant.

The technology transfer office for Texas State University has filed a patent application for the technology. The university plans to market the technology and license it to the private sector for commercial use.

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