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Fingerprint Cards CEO notes record-breaking Q2 2013


Fingerprint Cards has just released its interim report for the period of January-June 2013, and despite some recently-lowered expectations, the company has been busy, to say the least.

“The second quarter can be summarized as the best in the company’s history, with the hisghest sales levels to date and the collaboration with Microsoft, which is cause for our highly positive outlook for the next few years,” Johan Carlström, President and CEO said in the corporate report.

Among Carlström’s comments and significant updates for the company, is Microsoft’s intention to integrate fingerprint sensors. As we reported previously, Microsoft was demonstrating a Fingerprint Cards sensor along with a beta version of Windows 8.1 at TechEd North America 2013.  

“We have interpreted Microsoft’s intentions as an indication that all Windows units are to enable log-ins using a touch sensor, which will also facilitate increased data integrity, security, upgrades and purchases of apps, etc.,” Carlström said.

“We expect this development to pave the way for touch sensors to be integrated in several hundred million units from 2014 onwards and a new addressable market of USD +2 billion to subsequently open up. Our assessment is that capacitive touch sensors will be integrated in laptops, keyboards, pointing devices, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles such as X-Box, as they become available for the Serial Peripheral Interface during 2014–2016.”

For the second quarter 2013, the company’s sales totaled US $3.18M (SEK 20.6M) and its gross profit was US $1.33M (SEK 8.6M). For the half-year (January-June), sales totaled US$ 4.6M (SEK 29.7M) and gross profit totaled US $1.34M (SEK 8.7M).

Reported previously, last week, the company lowered its sales projections for the year, and upon the news, its stock price dropped the most it has in nearly four months.

According to the company, there are two main reasons for the changes to its projections: One is the delay of a few major projects involving swipe sensor technology, and the other is that several of the company’s OEM customers have chosen to evaluate area sensors as an alternative to swipe. This too has delayed the launch of projects.

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