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Hoyos Labs launches mobile app for biometric authentication


Hoyos Labs has announced the launch of HoyosID, a free mobile app for smartphones that relies on biometric data to authenticate users.

According to the company, a key differentiator of the HoyosID mobile app is that it leverages smartphones as real-time biometrics pattern acquisition devices. The app uses the forward-facing camera on a phone to capture biometrics – periocular, iris and facial – to identify users to desktop devices. The app also includes liveness detection and pattern matching to verify identity.

Through the company’s recently-released Biometric Open Protocol Standard, the company says its new app is biometric agnostic.

“One hindrance to the widespread adoption of biometrics to date is that people are hesitant to carry around another token to confirm their identities – it’s just one more thing to lose,” Hector Hoyos, CEO of Hoyos Labs said. “At Hoyos Labs, we understand that the solution isn’t in the hardware itself. This is why we focused on creating a technology that will work with mobile devices – the HoyosID app – as most people are already carrying their phones everywhere that they travel.”

“The HoyosID app is changing how we think about biometrics and secure identity authentication. Biometrics is not an end in itself; rather, it is one piece of the identity assertion puzzle that needs a secure back-end to work effectively, and we have created a secure ecosystem that will benefit both customers and corporations.”


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