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Olea launches new multi-sensor platform


Olea Sensor Networks has announced the launch of its new OS-3001 Intelligent Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition Platform, which the company will be demonstrating at CES along with Technicolor to demonstrate “connected car services.”

Specifically, Olea’s OS-3001 sensor platform integrates a variety of new sensors, including the company’s HeartSensor, which captures a person’s unique heart signal. This will be shown off alongside Technicolor’s Virdata infrastructure for cloud-based device and application monitoring services.

“Olea’s OS-3001 intelligent sensor with its capability to capture a high-fidelity heart signal and wirelessly transmit that heart signal information to the Virdata cloud opens up a whole new range of possibilities for managing vehicle security, driver and passenger safety, automatic activation of driver vehicle preferences and secure authentication of driver and passengers for en route e-commerce transactions,” Technicolor’s Virdata leak, Kurt Jonckheer said.

According to the company, Olea worked with a major vehicle manufacturer during the development of this sensor platfor which is currently available for non-clinical research and development use.

“Olea’s device, the size of a typical smartphone, doesn’t require physical contact with the user or any user intervention,” Frank Morese, Olea’s founder and CEO said. “It enables secure, passive data acquisition and display and ultimately will enable user authentication based on the proven principle that each person possesses a unique biometric heart signature that can be used to verify a user’s identity without manual entry of user identity information, such as a PIN number, password or other code. This should enable a host of new, more secure in-vehicle services without further compromising driver or passenger safety. It also has broad application beyond its use in vehicles.”

“Because the Olea OS-3001 can communicate with and take advantage of the power of Technicolor’s Virdata infrastructure, we now have the opportunity to provide more advanced cloud-based services that will surpass the capabilities of existing, limited services that cost more but don’t deliver the power of this new service platform.”

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