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Sonavation showcases biometric identity fob at CES


Sonavation unveiled its AXISKEY personal biometric authentication device at the 2014 International Consumers Electronics Show (CES) this week.

AXISKEY is a small, affordable smart key fob that safeguards an individual’s personal, social, and workplace accounts, as well as their online identity and transactions with a swipe of their finger.

The AXISKEY is an affordable personal ultrasound biometric identity device that offers better than federal-grade data encryption. The system is built on Sonavation’s strongly-patented ultrasound impediography sensor platform.

“Sonavation is committed to developing integrated and unbreakable identification and authentication solutions with our deeply-patented ultrasound biometric technology to make life safer for everyone,” Robert E. Stewart, Sr., Chief Product Officer at Sonavation said. “Passwords and pins are wholly inadequate to protect our identities and transactions from fraud. AXISKEY represents our first form factor, using the most accurate, reliable and secure imaging and authentication technologies in the industry, ensuring a one-to-one match of the individual on the enrolled device. This product provides BYOB, empowering our users to biometrically authenticate to their personal accounts like Gmail, Box, Facebook and PayPal with our smart edge devices.”

Sonavation provides a one-to-one match of an individual’s fingerprint with Six Sigma accuracy. The firm claims that its product expands a match from ungloved to gloved identification by reading not just the surface fingerprint ridges and swirls but also a dynamic, deep tissue and vascular map of the fingertip.

Deep tissue scanning encompasses all seven layers of the epidermis, plus the underlying fat pad, fascia, micro vascular and vascular, plus the arterial blood flow, bone structure, and nail bed. It can read zero to eight millimeters deep into the tissue, and with the temporal dimension can read the systolic and diastolic pressure wave of the user’s heartbeat.

Sonavation’s patented deep tissue imaging and authentication platform ensures a fail-safe one-to-one identity match across a broad array of device form factors enrolled including biometrically actuated smartphones, smartcards, access control systems, and more.

Reported previously, in December 2013, Sonavation joined the FIDO Alliance.

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