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Top biometrics news stories, week of June 15


Biometrics Week in Review: Aadhaar issues, Nigeria sets guidelines for biometric databases, NSA comments on using facial recognition on American`s, IdentityX update with Apple Touch ID integration, KeyLemon brings biometrics to online education, SpeechPro partners with Avaya, biometric exit system spawns immigration debate, Texas jail adds biometrics and Biometrics Institute issued a statement.

Here’s a recap of most popular and noteworthy biometrics news stories that appeared on BiometricUpdate.com this past week.

NSA allegedly using Aadhaar to spy on India – In a letter to incoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Communist Party of India claims that the United States has been using an information exchange agreement to obtain biometric data about Indian citizens.

Enrollment agencies in major Aadhaar dispute – Private businesses that are engaged in Aadhaar enrollment are protesting the high penalties being levied on them by UIDAI.

Nigerian government issues guidelines for biometric databases – Nigeria’s federal government has issued guidelines for the implementation of a presidential directive that criticized the development of multiple biometric databases in the public sector.

Government facial recognition use within legal rights, says NSA – According to the agency’s new director, the NSA is within its legal rights when it comes to using facial-recognition technology on Americans.

IdentityX launches update with Apple Touch ID fingerprint biometric integration – IdentityX has launched a major system update with support for Apple’s biometric Touch ID fingerprint technology.

KeyLemon joins Blackboard partnerships program to bring facial recognition authentication to online education suite – KeyLemon has joined the Blackboard Partnerships Program to include its facial recognition in Blackboard’s online education solution

SpeechPro partners with Avaya, says voice biometrics platform helped ID ‘Hidden Cash Man’ – SpeechPro has partnered with Avaya to make its voice biometric platform available on Avaya’s DevConnect Marketplace.

Biometric exit system spawns U.S. immigration debate – A blog post by contributing editor Rawlson King discussing technological controls over immigration procedures including the implementation of a biometrics based “entry-exit systems” at U.S. border crossings.

Texas jail adds biometrics to data-sharing system – the new technology will allow the jail division to scan and store fingerprint information and to accept electronic signatures instead of using pen and paper.

Biometrics must be deployed with security and privacy: Biometrics Institute – The Biometrics Institute issued a statement stressing the need for ”a better understanding of biometrics to help build trust into the secure technology and address common misconception.”

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