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Interview with Anthony Gioeli, KeyLemon VP of Sales and Marketing


KeyLemon was founded to provide highly accurate face recognition, speaker identification, and motion tracking solutions to developers and manufacturers across a wide variety of industries. KeyLemon’s face and speaker recognition software is now used by millions of users worldwide. KeyLemon’s closed loop recognition algorithms operate in real-time, creating a convenient biometric-based login mechanism.

According to Anthony Gioeli, KeyLemon VP of Sales and Marketing, the company’s biometric ID and motion analysis solutions sets an industry standard for reliability, security, and ease-of-use. The firm claims its combination of technologies can be integrated into any system or application to deliver secure and convenient access to devices, online services, or financial transactions.

Gioeli notes that KeyLemon’s range of products can be integrated into desktop applications, allowing CPUs to be locked with facial recognition and “faster than with a password”. KeyLemon also has created software development kits that work with five different operating systems and myriad mobile technologies. Further, the firm has developed a cloud-based application programming interface (API) that adds biometric-based authentication to any cloud-based service. By using the KeyLemon’s API, any firm that builds cloud based applications can integrate with KeyLemon’s biometric authentication engine in real time.

“Our technology can do processing either on a device or in the cloud,” stated Gioeli. “If processing is undertaken in the cloud, then no additional processing power is required.”

Gioeli notes that cloud-based processing for biometric authentication processes will be a greater necessity as more consumers start using wearable technology. As BiometricUpdate.com reported earlier this summer, Goode Intelligence forecasts that by 2019, there will be 5.5 billion users of mobile and wearable biometric technology around the globe. And Biometrics Research Group, Inc., publisher of BiometricUpdate.com, projected last year that wearable health and fitness sensors would exceed 40 million shipments by 2015. Already, we have reported about the wide range of biometric fitness and healthcare applications that have entered the market, which include wireless and wearable activity and sleep trackers, and even smartphone-enabled cardiograms. Biometrics Research Group expects that the entire global biorhythm monitoring market will reach US$100 million in sales by 2015.

With such growth projected in the marketplace, KeyLemon is positioning itself to become one of the main providers of biometric authentication for the wearable sector. Gioeli said: “We see wearables as a great opportunity because using mobile constitutes a security risk. In terms of wearables and other mobile devices, passwords are not feasible, so biometric-based software is the most natural choice.”

Gioeli notes that KeyLemon prides and defines itself by “providing a seamless platform among several devices for authentication”. The firm also differentiates itself with its relentless focus on providing enhanced security. “While we acknowledge that anything ultimately can be hacked, we pride ourselves in adding security components that make it harder for someone to hack into a user’s account.”

Though biometrics only provides 90 percent accuracy for first time tries in real-world conditions, and creates security issues concerning the collection of personal data and its storage, the KeyLemon VP acknowledges his company is continually working on solutions to overcome these challenges.

Gioeli notes that the firm is especially focused on two-factor authentication, which combines the use of biometric modalities with encrypted passwords to enhance security.

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