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Hitachi builds prototype of compact finger vein scanner for access control

Hitachi has built a finger vein scanner prototype that enables users to simply wave their finger over the scanner to quickly gain access to sports stadiums, convention centers and other large venues, according to a report by PC World.

The biometric security system would require users to pre-register, ensuring that thieves and any unauthorized individuals would be denied entry into such venues.

The device works by scanning the person’s unique finger vein patterns to confirm his or her identity, a process that works regardless of the number of fingers or their positioning above the scanner surface.

Walkthrough style finger vein authentication gate
walkthrough style finger vein authentication gate

The system is able to successfully process about 70 users per minute, which is the same rate at which automatic gates in Tokyo subways and railways process people.

Hitachi has built a prototype of the scanner that can be attached to a gate, which opens once the user’s identity is confirmed. Though the system is designed to only be used for stadiums and concert venues, Hitachi said it could eventually be used in train and subway gates.

“In terms of biometric technology, finger veins are ideal because the information is inside the body and no trace of it is left outside, as with fingerprints,” said a spokeswoman for Hitachi’s Central Research Laboratory in Tokyo.

Hitachi’s finger scanner differs from iris scanners used in some airports in that it can be deployed as a compact, palm-sized unit and would not require people to stop and stand in place.

The scanner could also be smaller than similar technology developed by Fujitsu, which scans the palm of the individual’s hand.

Hitach’s lab says the finger scanner is still under development but could be launched two years from now.

Hitachi has been selling similar devices since 2002, including its USB finger vein biometric authentication unit.

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