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AMD demonstrates beta software that organizes videos using facial recognition


Semiconductors firm AMD demonstrated new software at CES 2015 that uses facial recognition technology to enable users to organize and search video clips based on the people featured in them, according to a report by Tom’s Guide.

AMD executive Richard Gayle demonstrated how the beta software, tentatively named AMD Content Manager, uses facial recognition to browse through a group of local videos to find specific faces.

The top left corner of the application has an index that displays all the people’s faces that have been detected throughout the video clips.

The user can edit the names of the people as well as add keyword tags to help improve future searches for specific people.

For instance, if you are searching for videos that feature one specific person, you can click on his or her respective face to pull up the corresponding videos.

Additionally, if you want to narrow a search to a specific person combined with a keyword tag, you can drag the face icon and click on the desired keyword.

Once you click on the video you wish to view, a player appears in the right window pane, along with a timeline displayed at the bottom with a list of all the people who appear in the video.

The timeline is separated into various colored boxes to mark the exact moment in the video when each person first appears on screen.

When you click on a colored box, the player will cue the video to the exact spot when the person first appears, which makes it easy to find a specific person in a video that features multiple people.

The application also has facial recognition capabilities that allow users to do some basic editing, such as compiling a single montage video of any individual or individuals.

Gayle said it is unlikely that AMD will release Content Manager in its current form. Instead, the company will license it to OEMs that are able to rebrand the application before offering it on their respective systems.

He added that only AMD processors have sufficient power to operate the application, because of the processor’s ability to have the CPU, GPU and memory controller work closely together.

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