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Borer launches new biometric access control system


UK access control provider Borer announced it has launched Tru-ID, a biometric-based physical access control system that uses fingerprint recognition to identify those authorized users, with support for up to 400 users on each site.

Tru-ID access control system eliminates the need to carry tokens and cards or remember PIN numbers.

Users can simply press their finger against the sensor to scan their fingerprint. The device also provides live finger detection and spoofing protection.

Compatible with the administrator’s computer network, Tru-ID connects access points on all sites to the company network, which it uses to transfer biometric fingerprint templates and access identification data between sites.

Tru-ID helps businesses control and maintain an audit trail of access to premises, processes, equipment, information and property, providing them with security, productivity and cost reduction benefits.

The device stores the fingerprint templates at the reader, enabling it to deliver a fast response whenever users scan their finger for authentication.

In the event that a user needs to be authenticated at multiple locations, Tru-ID sends the fingerprint template to all the onsite readers whenever a new user is enrolled.

A user can be enrolled at any reader as long as it is configured to support enrolment. To enrol, users simply scan their finger twice in succession. The enrolment reader will then provide the fingerprint with a unique reference number.

To complete the enrolment process, the user’s details and access credentials, along with their biometric reference number are entered into the access control database.

Once enrolled, users will be able to use their finger to gain entry at any onsite reader, provided that they have been given permission. After scanning their fingerprint, the reader will compare it to the list of stored fingerprints maintained on the reader’s memory.

When a match is found, the user’s access credentials are checked for time, date and location authority before access is granted. If they need to visit another site, their fingerprint template is imported as soon as they report to reception.

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