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Touchscreens with embedded fingerprint scanner to be released by summer: CrucialTec CEO


In a recent interview with the Korea Herald, CrucialTec CEO Charles Ahn said that the company was on the verge of revealing a touchscreen panel with a built-in fingerprint scanner.

Currently fingerprint scanners require users to swipe or press their fingertips against a dedicated button, such as the iPhone’s Home button or the HTC One Max’s rear touch panel.

Ahn said only two companies are currently able to produce such panels, called a Matrix-Switching Touchscreen Panel or MS-TSP, adding that CrucialTec was more than a year ahead of its rival.

He predicts that the smartphones with integrated touchscreen fingerprint scanner will be released by this summer.

Future versions of the MS-TSP could also integrate health monitoring sensors, combining another individual feature from the Galaxy S5 into one component.

Ahn also said that MS-TSP panels will “usher in an era of bezel-free phones,” due to the panels only using a single screen layer instead of the four used on most existing panels.

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