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Biometrics reports from Persistence Market Research and Technavio


Persistence Market Research has published a new report entitled “Face and Voice Biometrics Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 – 2021”.

The report finds the major drivers for the face and voice biometrics market include growth in e-passport program, government support, biometrics in smartphones, use of biometric technology in banking and healthcare, extensive use in criminal identification, use of biometric technologies in election administration and growing need for large scale supervision at public meetings.

As for the key challenges standing in the way of market growth, the report finds that the fear of privacy intrusion and high cost of systems are greatly impacting vendors.

On the other hand, there are several key opportunities for face and voice biometrics system in the e-commerce and cloud computing space, according to the report.

Interoperability of biometrics system is one of the major burning issues in the market, in addition to the long time frame for implementation.

The report segments the market by end-user and geography. The market’s end users include banking and financial firms, government, consumer electronics, defense, healthcare, home security and safety, transport and logistics, visa authentication services, commercial safety and security, and others (retail, hospitality, automobile and gaming).

Meanwhile, the report identifies the geographical segments as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Rest of the World (RoW).

Face recognition methods can be segmented as traditional method, 3D face recognition skin texture analysis and facial thermogram, according to the report.

The report profiles many of the market’s key players, including 3M Cogent Inc., BIO-Key International Inc., Cognitec Systems GmbH, DigitalPersona Inc., Fujitsu Limited, IDTECK, IrisGuard Inc., Morpho SA, Daon Inc., NEC Corporation, Lumidigm Inc., Accu-Time Systems Inc., Siemens AG, RCG Holdings Ltd., and Suprema Inc.

In a separate announcement, Technavio published a report entitled “Emerging Biometrics Technologies: Global Industry Analysis 2015-2019”.

The report segments the global market landscape into various end-user categories, such as the government and the healthcare sector.

The report also profiles the key vendors, which include M2SYS, NEC, Safran, ID Control, AuthenWave, Deepnet Security, Motekforce, Qualisys, Tekscan, IMothins, Neurokia, and Neurosky.

Currently, the adoption of emerging biometric technologies is limited to the developed regions of North America, Europe, and APAC.

However, with emerging technology advances and the growing number of vendors entering the market, biometric technologies are expected to be adopted in developing regions as well.

Additionally, the market is experiencing high adoption of emerging technologies in the sports and gaming sectors.

Vendors are researching newer methods to integrate these new technologies into their systems , which will likely boost the market significantly over the next four years.

There are a number of ways in which multimodal biometrics are finding utility in the market, such as through accuracy and reliable recognition, a fortified level of security, vulnerability, and user acceptance.

The global DNA analysis biometrics market is expected to reach around US$570 million by 2019 as a result of its high adoption in the government sector.

Meanwhile, the report states that the healthcare sector is at its nascent stage of adopting the latest biometric solutions and is mainly implemented to improve the security of crucial information regarding a patient and doctor’s information.

The report covers a range of other key topics, including the comparison of emerging technologies, analysis of deployment models of the emerging technologies, end-user segmentation and analysis of DNA, keystone recognition, GAIT, and EEG/ECG, application areas and benefits offered by technologies, drivers, market trends, opportunities and threats faced by the vendors, five forces analysis on the emerging biometrics market, and a growth forecast of the emerging biometrics market until 2019.

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