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People with disabilities shouldn’t have to choose device usability over security — researcher

Makers of consumer electronics who address accessibility typically work on vision aids, but people who cannot adequately control their arms…


Big IR dataset compiled for training face biometric systems

The U.S. Army has created a public, 500,000-image dataset that officers hope will lead to better low-light facial recognition systems….


Apple device biometric sensors used in cognitive health screening study

Biogen is collaborating with Apple on a remote research study to see if the biometric and other sensing capabilities of the…


Close-set eyes, thin mouth, sharp nose — AI sums your face for political affiliation

A researcher claims he can divine the politics of individuals using a facial recognition algorithm. The biometric algorithm, applied by…


Biometrics researchers play too fast and loose with flashy findings — study

As a rule, the more huffery in coverage of exciting biometric research, the more puffery will be found when really…


Is that eye dead or alive? Recognition of presentation attacks in iris biometrics

Is that eye dead or alive? Recognition of presentation attacks in iris biometrics EAB Online Seminar January 12, 2021, 12:30-13:30…


Toppan launches Virtual Human Lab to measure biometric and personal data

Global printing company Toppan has launched the “Toppan Virtual Human Lab”, a project that will focus on research and development…


Idiap researchers propose metric for measuring biometrics fairness

A pair of researchers from the Idiap Research Institute have developed a metric to use in assessing the fairness of biometric…


Government biometrics initiatives to boost $18B market growth

Market research company Technavio announced a major boost to the biometrics market due to increased government initiatives. According to its…


BehavioSec, Biometrics Institute, IDSA bring new talent aboard

A number of institutions focusing on the development of biometric solutions or best practices have appointed new talents this week….

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