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Biometric Update regularly authors posts about biometrics research. The following set of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news about biometrics research. Additional topics may be perused by accessing our entire Biometrics Topics list.


Research indicates improved skin tone calibration can raise face biometrics accuracy

Skin tone is not just Black and white. It is also not quite what camera calibration systems represent it as,…


Bias and morphing remain challenges in face biometrics, but measures are improving

A pair of the most pressing risks to the effectiveness of face biometric systems were under the microscope during the…


Face biometrics put to the test for security from G20 to remote credential renewals

Selfie biometrics and facial recognition are prominent among the week’s top articles on Biometric Update for IFPC week. They include…


Facial recognition advances spurring new use cases, improvements in IFPC 2022 spotlight

Facial recognition is about to be able to accurately unmask deepfakes, match families walking through the airport all at once,…


Amazon claims to cut facial recognition bias with unlabeled data

Amazon Web Services has unveiled a method to evaluate bias in facial recognition algorithms without using annotated identity labels. A…


Voice biometrics software outperforms humans in courtroom setting

Forensic voice-comparison software based on speaker recognition algorithms has outperformed all listeners in a test conducted by Aston University researchers….


Hire the right people to be in the facial recognition loop to dramatically raise accuracy

Choosing the right humans to be in the loop of facial recognition decisions, and utilizing them in the right workflow…


What protects biometric data better than bloom filter or homomorphic encryption? Both

Protecting biometric templates from theft or leakage is one of the long-standing challenges facing the industry, but Amina Bassit of…


Scientists say they’ve improved on emotion recognition from a person’s gait

Researchers continue to try to refine methods of reading a person’s mood from their gait biometrics, and the math gets…


Combine soft and hard biometrics yields best results, research suggests

It is a truism – more data means better results. That is what Spanish scientists found when experimenting with soft…

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