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Morpho whitepaper: Integrating AGNITIO voice biometrics into MorphoBIS


Morpho recently published a whitepaper detailing a recent partnership with AGNITIO in which it integrated AGNITIO’s voice biometrics engine into Morpho’s multi-biometric platform, MorphoBIS.

Through the combined offering, Morpho has been providing law enforcement and intelligence agencies with a set of advanced multi-biometric tools for identifying suspects and leads during investigations.

MorphoBIS is designed to meet the needs of investigative and intelligence agencies with fingerprint, palmprint, face and iris modalities from a single platform, while each modality offers its own unique set of services to help in a positive identification or to provide an investigative clue.

Morpho’s multimodal platform provides further crime-solving capabilities by incorporating voice into the solution.

A person’s voice can be captured using a contactless method, either through lawful interception or social media sources.

The voice biometrics system can then process and compare those voiceprints across a range of media, providing various opportunities for law enforcement and other federal stakeholders.

The Morpho system can include face, finger, iris, and voice within the same multimodal engine as either an on-premises system or as a hosted (cloud) system.

The Morpho system architecture, and multimodal capabilities, supports the operational needs of criminal investigation and intelligence services, as well as provides soft biometrics such as tattoo recognition and video analytics.

The combined MorphoBIS and AGNITIO’s voice solution offers a range of crime investigation capabilities, including speaker segmentation, speaker enrollment, speaker search, searchable metadata, language independent, industry-leading accuracy and speed, cross-channel performance, and flexibility and scalability.

Read the whole whitepaper on Morpho`s website.

Previously reported, Morpho (Safran) has introduced two new products to its MorphoAccess (MA) SIGMA family of biometric access control and time solutions, called the MorphoAccess SIGMA Lite series.

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