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Biometric Update regularly publishes articles about police. The following set of links is available to help you find biometrics news about police. More tags may be explored by reviewing our comprehensive Biometrics Topics list.


Police plan expansions of facial recognition across Ireland, Australia, US, Nigeria

Public officials in several countries are pushing deployment or regulation of face biometrics to improve security. In Ireland, Justice Minister…


Its biometric system hobbled, Florida police push for new software

Lawmakers in the U.S. state of Florida are considering upgrades to the state police’s biometric ID system. It reportedly is…


NYPD fleet to become 360-degree surveillance hubs, cops film Drake concert goers

The New York Police Department has given a preview of its new vehicles which will include 360-degree surveillance. The news…


Another state lets county police farm out face biometrics matching to others

A county sheriff’s office in the U.S. state of Minnesota is helping other law enforcement agencies in the state with…


Indian police want to use biometrics to catch overstays, PM calls for tech training

India’s Home Minister Amit Shah called for the establishment of additional detention centers and the use of biometrics to identify…


Data foundation calls for better control of biometrics in policing

U.S. President Joe Biden wants Congress to establish clear rules for biometric data policies and tools used in criminal investigations….


World Police Summit

World Police Summit Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE March 7 – 9, 2023 Multi-dimensional criminal motives, new forms of crime,…


Facial recognition to identify Brazilian capital rioters, digital forensics even more

Brazil’s Federal Police are planning to use facial recognition to identify the perpetrators of attacks against the country’s federal agencies…


Forensic applications of next-gen biometrics boosted by acquisition, police planning

Next-generation biometrics for forensic analysis by law enforcement are big business, and expected to grow, as evidenced by Qiagen’s acquisition…


US politicians want biometric surveillance tamed, but voices are fainter

Opponents of the use of facial recognition algorithms by law enforcement in the United States may not be in a…

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