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FingerCheck launches biometric time tracking and payroll system


Brooklyn-based tech startup FingerCheck has launched FingerCheck360, a new online biometric-enabled tracking and payroll system for businesses.

The web-based platform incorporates both time tracking and payroll processing capabilities, translating internal punch data into payroll data used to process employee payroll at the end of each pay period.

The centralized system offers a range of automated features, including electronic forms for direct deposit and W-4s, and allowing employees to self-onboard.

“This product makes it possible to run all of your essential HR tasks through one system, which is incredible for anyone familiar with the challenges of integrating multiple products,” said Sal Lemmer, marketing director at FingerCheck. “Business owners are seeking a solution that can help them minimize the day-to-day burdens of employee management so they can concentrate on their business. While many HR platforms provide benefits and payroll, the most immediate needs for the basic, average business person, are time tracking and payroll.”

Employees can punch in using FingerCheck360’s biometric time clock via their smartphone with GPS capture, or select from other various options.

Employees automatically enter their own payroll information whenever they punch in or out, which employers can view from any computer or mobile device using the app.

As the pay period progresses, the system automatically alerts employers of any missing punches or errors to ensure any discrepancies are addressed, enabling employers to revise as needed.

When a pay period closes, FingerCheck360 automatically calculates every employee’s total pay and applicable taxes, then notifies employers of the amount needed to pay employees.

Additionally, the system files and deposits state and federal payroll taxes on behalf of the employer.

On payday, employees will be notified of their pay, and they can view their timecard and paystub online or within the mobile app.

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