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Biometrics help 3M protect banking and financial institutions


3M has introduced several security solutions to strengthen authentication and control access at financial institutions, including biometric scanners, identity document readers and automated license plate recognition, according to a report by Credit Union Times.

“At 3M, we understand the importance and benefit for our clients in working with one vendor to help create an effective and streamlined security program,” said Amy McKeown, commercial security segment marketer at 3M. “With our broad range of reliable, proven and flexible solutions, 3M is able to address the unique security challenges of banking and financial institutions.”

The line of security products allow financial institutions to customize and incorporate products to meet their exact needs.

3M’s CR5400 Double-Sided ID1 Reader simultaneously checks the front and back sides of an identification document. The reader’s capabilities include age and document verification.

By incorporating the CR5400 reader into the authentication process, member service representatives and tellers at financial institutions are able to provide more effective and expedited service for day to day transactions.

Additionally, the biometric reader can authenticate customers during the account origination or loan application processes.

3M’s biometric technology includes facial, fingerprint and iris recognition capabilities, which can be integrated into existing security products and software.

Additionally, 3MMiY (“Make it Yours”) offers a range of multi-layer biometric access control authentication products, including card readers, keypads and fingerprint scanners.

Control access can be configured based on the necessary security level for each area. For instance, vaults may require the use of all three access control tools while a staff break room may require just a smartcard to access.

3M LiveScan technology collects biometric data (fingerprints and palm prints) and links the data to major background check databases.

As well, 3M’s ALPR (automated license plate recognition) solution provides continuous, reliable surveillance that scans and records license plates with a high level of accuracy and speed.

ALPR continuously scans license plates that pass by a business’ premises. Those credit unions that choose to work with local law enforcement can use the ALPR system to alert linked agencies when the system’s cameras detect vehicles on government want lists, such as a database for stolen vehicles or wanted criminals.

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